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Disconnect to Reconnect: Digital Detox 101 with Levi Felix

Disconnect to Reconnect: Digital Detox 101 with Levi Felix

Come take a Digital Detox!

In this tech-free Digital Detox workshop, we'll take a Digital Detox and explore the physical, psychological, and social benefits of unplugging while sharing techniques and best practices that help us stay present in our always-on, constantly connected, digitally-driven world.   

Together we'll examine what it means to press pause, how it feels to live in the always-tethered digital age, and reconnect through a series of hands-on sessions:, pranayama (breathwork), authentic self expression exercises, meditation, creative writing & journaling, individual and group play, walking meditation, discussions, games, innovative ice-breakers (that can make new friends of strangers in moments) and analog community building tactics. Participants will take home their own personal strategies for creating more healthy relationships with their screens, as well as ideas to integrate into their homes, companies and rides on the subway. Well ask enormous questions of ourselves, our society and the cultural norms in which we live, opening up a dialogue that needs not only our attention, but intention in life.

Living a healthy and meaningful life is all about balance - though taking a Digital Detox is not simply about unplugging from time to time. Disconnecting is about turning off your gadgets so you can turn on -  reconnecting with yourself and others, being present, exploring mindfulness, understanding our habits and exploring what makes us most human and alive. In fact, integrating the learnings from your experience offline into everyday life is more important than taking the time off in the first place. When we develop mindful relationships with our devices, we help ourselves create a sustainable foundation for our careers, personal wellness, and individual happiness.  

Levi Felix is a thought-leader, international speaker, passionate educator, and an expert on the zeitgeist of cultural connection, unplugging and experiential play. As the Founder of Digital Detox and Camp Grounded, he's a camp director, workshop facilitator, bend-over-backwards retreat host and self-proclaimed nerd. He regularly speaks at conferences and leads workshops for companies, organizations and universities. 

Felix is not a luddite nor a stranger to digital technology or social media. At the age of 24 he was enthralled with the internet, creating digital strategy, content creation and online marketing. However, after a near-death experience - where he lost 67% of his blood due to internal bleeding triggered by the perfect recipe of social entrepreneurial-tech burnout (70 hour work weeks, stress & sleeping at the office) - Felix left his dream job as the vice president of a thriving startup to take a sabbatical from his "always-on," constantly tethered, digitally enthralled reality.  He traded in his laptops and cellphones for a backpack, sold everything he owned, and left with his partner to travel the world. Two years, 12 countries, and one 10-Day Silent Retreat later, they returned from living on a deserted island in Cambodia to start Digital Detox & Camp Grounded. 

They've since led 17 retreats, started the "Device-Free Drinks" movement (with their 'tech-check' at restaurants and bars), and currently run the globally recognized Camp Grounded: Summer Camp for Adults (attendance from over 7 countries and 30+ states across the US).

He has hosted more than 1,200 participants on Digital Detox retreats and adult summer camp trips. He's been featured in such publications as the New York Times, New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wired Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine The UK Guardian, INC, Vogue, and Haaretz International. He has made guest appearances on PBS, BBC NightlyNews, CNN, FOX and Al Jazeerah, while lending his voice to NPR, sharing perspective on tech addiction, mindfulness, ethics and philosophy. Last year he helped curate Fast Company's "Complete Printable Guide to Unplugging," and Inc Magazine's "The What-Not-to-Bring on Vacation Check List." 

Over the past year he has hosted executives from Cisco, Rackspace, UserVoice, Facebook, Square, Oracle, Google, Intel, IDEO, Apple Inc,, Twitter, and Kaiser Permanente - leading workshops in tech mindfulness, play and (dis)connection. He has hosted corporate retreats for companies like Airbnb, Pandora and TOMS Shoes, and was recently a special guest speaker for VMware's Global Talent Development program - leading sessions on mindfulness and balance in technology.

Levi is also great at spear-fishing, enjoys cleaning compost toilets, has been playing drums for 15 years and loves a good prank. He's a story teller at heart, loves meeting new people, enjoys taking big deep breaths and revels in moments of awkward silence. In the end, his goal is to connect people.       

Friday, April 17, 2015
CIIS Main Building
$15/$20 (at the door)   


Saturday, April 18, 2015
CIIS Main Building
$130/$150/$170 (when one price tier is sell out, that tier is closed)  
*The workshop includes Friday's lecture 

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