Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Limbic Rehad

From the EMF Refugee Yahoo Group:

Limbic Rehab

I purchased Annie Hopper's home study course and within a week I had a victory,  Within a month, I had several more victories.  Now, about 3 months into the training, I am significantly improved.  I have not added any other protocols nor have I seen any other practitioners.   Hopper hasn't invented something here, but rather synthesized Neurolinguistic Programming with Brain Plasticity and Visualizations.  This combination, done in this way truly works for me.  Like many of you, I've tried a multitude of avenues, all to no avail.  

In response to a few of you who have some resistance to this idea of changing your brain, I believe if you understand more of the science behind the claims here, you might feel differently.  In short, Hopper's program, (probably like Gupta's) aims at reducing the amount of our neurons that we've dedicated to tagging and reacting to EMF's in our case, or allergens, or ... I tell you what.... it can be anything.   Actually that's been a turning point for me, as I'm applying what I've learned to other places in my life that I've developed reactions to, places that my body has its own mind, so to speak, and that I'm in automode, but a negative one.  So once we've reduced the amount of neurons on guard duty, we become less vigilant, less reactive.  Does that mean mean that I'm going to expose myself to EMF's and join the crowd now?  No.  Certainly not.  It only means that I don't have to pay dearly anymore for socializing, working, traveling.  This works and it's not something that initially made sense to me.  But after trying it...for even a short time, the improvements are dramatic.  For example.  I could never be in the car with someone making a phone call before.  Now I can make one myself. 

Now I know that it might seem like I'm joining the masses, here. But the incremental training in Hopper's program, asks us to expose ourselves a little bit each day, and then to the rounds/exercises, which then take a much greater hold on the limbic system.  
When I'm done training with this program, I'll be done making phone calls from my car as well.  

I'll tell you another thing.  It would also seem like we have to be more mindful around our anti emf crusade.  Here's why.  If we're seeing the emf's within our environment as dangerous and something we need to avoid at all costs, we're establishing circuits that will respond accordingly, deep within the fabric of our neuropathways.  This is what Mary Anne is referring to when she's saying, 'whatever fires together wires together.'  It's a catch 22 people.  We can't be in harmony and in conflict at the same time.  Once we're not in conflict anymore, we can then return to a more discerning way, and make healthy choices with our knowledge.  But it looks like we'll have to relax some of our knowledge/apprehension for a period of healing to ensue.  Believe me, this was quite hard for me.  Like many of you, I've written, spoken on this subject, mitigated peoples' homes of EMF's and had a RF meter everywhere I went for several years.  Ironically I lost my meter, around the same time I purchased this program, and I have not bought another one,   Not because I don't want to know about the fields I'm in, but because I don't need to react to them anymore.  Sound too simplistic?  If I'm not the same bundle of reactions I used to be, I don't have pay the old price for going about my business.


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