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Head of PG&E's smart meter program came from Accenture

Head of PG&E's smart meter program came from Accenture

(From Jean Hudon)

The head of PG&E's smart meter program Bill Devereaux came from Accenture too- in fact he was a Partner at Accenture, and had worked there for 20 years. He was the one who pretended to be Ralph to get into our online discussion list. I caught him and PG&E was eventually fined $390K.

Thanks Sandi for this info..

If people would know the reach of Accenture in so many aspects of their lives, they'd probably be horrified.

If We the people of this planet let Accenture and other similar corporate monsters (like Monsanto and Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.) grow unchecked for another 30 years, 1984 by Orwell will look like kindergarden stuff... I'm not kidding!

And it will all be done under innocent guise... as Google is doing...

Is it wise for us to hand over the contents of our private lives to private companies?
(...) Most people still think that Google is one of the good guys on the Internet (...) But the free Google services and apps that we interact with on a daily basis aren't the company's main product. They are the harvesting machines that dig up and process the stuff that Google really sells: for-profit intelligence. (...) Google is a global for-profit surveillance corporation (...) If Google's creepy for-profit surveillance for you, then there are Google's deep ties to the NSA and the U.S. military-surveillance complex. (...) If you take a look at the roster of Google's DC office - Google Federal - you'll see the list jammed with names of former spooks, high-level intelligence officials and assorted revolving door military contractors: US Army, Air Force Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, Director of National Intelligence, USAID, SAIC, Lockheed. (...) A company that monopolizes huge swaths of the Internet, makes billions by surveilling and profiling its users and is very deliberately angling to become the Lockheed-Martin of the Internet Age? Should we be so trusting towards Google? And is it so wise for us to hand over the contents of our private lives - without demanding any control or oversight or care?

For more on Accenture, may I suggest you read

Global Smart Meters Roll-Out And Serfdom Of Humanity
With this interesting comment:

Hi, I am reading your latest article with interest. Accenture are working with West Midlands Police here in the UK to data mine Birmingham city's HD CCTV camera network to run a facial recognition system.
Accenture branching into facial recognition as well as the surveillance smart grids they control really does challenge whatever privacy we have left.

I asked a freedom of information request about the project here

Birmingham is a semi smart city with infrastructure being built into to wifi everything up. No smart meters... yet.

I take a keen interest in surveillance especially biometrics. I run the 'Biometrics in Schools' blog


Global Smart Meters Roll-Out And Serfdom Of Humanity Part 2

Privacy Violated at BC Hydro
Thanks to sloppy work at BC Hydro, you can obtain the billing status of any residential customer, including the amount owed, the amount of the last bill, when it was paid and when the next bill will be due, by simply entering a phone number. Whether that violation of privacy is the work of Accenture or not is not as relevant as the fact that no one appears to have checked their information system for protection of privacy before putting it into operation thus exposing personal information of hundreds of thousands of people. CLIP

Former Accenture Execs Score Big in BC Hydro Clean Power Call
(...) As Accenture -- and Peter Leighton and John Icke -- discovered in 2003, it can be extraordinarily profitable to secure regular, long-term payments from BC Hydro. Now Finavera -- under Leighton's and Icke's guidance -- stands to similarly enjoy huge financial rewards.

Accenture Sued for Negligence by the State of Connecticut

Accenture's report data about privacy concerns infographic (All looking so innocent!)

Accenture's Evil Empire

And they make themselves look SOOO cool!

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Hi Sharon!

Give a look at this - in case you've not seen this yet...


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