Tuesday, July 22, 2014

EMF Summit Shares Cases of The Effects of EMF Radiation


EMF Summit Shares Cases of The Effects of EMF Radiation

Longevity Rescuer Alison Heath tackles the distressing amount of false information given to us regarding EMF Radiation in her latest video. Her term for this is “junk science” – inaccurate studies and half-truths given to the consumers by the industry. This is to make people feel better installing wireless internet and buying WiFi-ready phones for their children.

“Your cell phone and wireless are perfectly safe” Ms Heath says, opening the video. “That's what the industry would like you to believe. But it just isn't so. Don't be fooled” she adds. Dirty electricity and electrosmog have recently become a serious health hazard – for those who are aware. Information regarding these issues have been hidden, no longer available for public consumption, and Ms Heath feels that this just isn't right.

Scientists like Dr. Henry Lai and Dr. Samuel Milham have dedicated their work to researching and studying the effects of EMF radiation on the human body. Dr. Milham first alerted the world to the dangers of dirty electricity, while Dr. Lai has proven that low EMF radiation can cause neurological damage to DNA. Ms Heath expresses distress over the fact that these people have been blacklisted and discredited just for stepping up and speaking out.

Those who are extremely susceptible to the effects of EMF radiation have what is called Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity. This condition is extremely fatal in children, the elderly, and the infirm. The irony of it all, Ms Heath says, is that schools have wireless internet and hospitals are full of extreme magnetic fields.

Alison Heath recounts a story told to her by Sharon Noble, director of Citizens for Safe Technologies and founder of Stop Smart Meters BC. A school in Simcoe county installed wireless internet on their campus. Shortly after that, the children had heart attacks. She believes some were reported to be fatal.

Smart Meters are another major source of EMF radiation, and yet some people do not have the option to say no to Smart Meters being installed near their homes. There is currently a Human Rights Class Action Law Suit against that. Human Rights demand that the people be given protection; even electromagnetic hypersensitivity protection. “In this case,” Ms Heath states, “we are definitely not protected.”

In the end, the best electromagnetic hypersensitivity treatment is really to opt out of wireless. Ms Heath encourages people to return to ethernet cables, stop giving children cell phones, and refrain from using smart meters. She reiterates the Precautionary Principle; simply take precautions. “Protect yourself. Do what you can to be safe.”

Alison Heath will be hosting the EMF Summit – the first free online EMF event – and will be joined by Sharon Noble and Dr. Magda Havas, among others. She invites her viewers to take part in it as well. You can find her on her website http://longevityrescuer.com/, or learn more about the EMF Summit at http://emfsummit.com/.

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