Monday, July 21, 2014

Cindy Sage co-editor BioInitiative Report to Join the Show

Cindy Sage co-editor BioInitiative Report to Join the Show

UPCOMING GUEST - Cindy Sage - Co-Editor, BioInitiative Report Santa Barbara, CA
To air week of July 28, 2014 on all Boil the Frog Stations and iHeart Radio.

Mrs. Sage has been involved in EMF issues as an environmental consultant and public policy researcher since 1982.  She has provided professional consulting services to cities, counties, various states and a national EMF policy group on the issue of EMF policy and prudent avoidance. 

Cindy Sage is the co-owner of Sage Associates in Santa Barbara, CA. Sage Associates is an internationally known environmental sciences consulting firm. The company specializes in translating complex technical and scientific information for the public and decision-makers. Her specialty area of practice is the science and public health effects of electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation (non-ionizing radiation).

She is the co-editor and principal author of the BioInitiative Reports (2007 and 2012) and a founder of the international BioInitiative Working Group. Ms. Sage has published many scientific studies on electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation, including science, public health, public policy, and environmental consequences of exposures to EMF and RFR. She was the co-facilitator of the Collaborative for Health and the Environment EMF Group from 2006-2011 and is a full member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society. She has presented the BioInitiative Report at the Royal Society of London meetings (2007, 2009) and co-authored the 2010 Seletun (Norway) Scientific Consensus Statement on Wireless RFR Risks.

Mrs. Sage has provided expert testimony and scientific briefings to the European Environmental Agency (Denmark), the European Commission (Brussels), UK Health Protection Agency, UK Children with Leukemia registered charity, and various international health agencies, US Department of Justice, FCC, FDA, public utilites commissions, LEED, state legislative committees, and numerous state and municipal agencies and commissions. In 2002, she consulted with the California Department of Education on new EMF Title 5 School Siting Policies, and briefed the California Energy Commission Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) committee on EMF/RFR recommended exposure levels.

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