Monday, July 21, 2014

Earthing and Injuries: Accelerating Recovery

Earthing and Injuries: Accelerating Recovery

Exploiting the Earth's Healing Power

One of the most dramatic effects of Earthing is to speed up the healing process after an injury. 
With the 2014 Tour de France cycling event coming down to the finish line this weekend, we thought it a good time to share a short three-minute video showing Earthing’s healing power in action ... at the tour. 

The video features the use of Earthing for top cyclists at past tours by Jeff Spencer, D.C., a former recipient of the International Chiropractic Association’s Sports Chiropractor of the Year Award. 

And click here to read a short article by Dr. Spencer on how Earthing not only accelerates healing but also contributes to improved overall training and performance by athletes as well as performance in everyday life.  

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