Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cell Phone Radiation Causes DNA Damage, Says Several Studies

April 29, 2014

Cell Phone Radiation Causes DNA Damage, Says Several Studies

One of the biggest debates going on during the last few years is surrounding the negative health effect of cell phone radiation. While many researchers argued that cell phone radiation damages the DNA molecules, others contended that this radiation is non-ionizing like microwave, and hence there cannot be any impact on human DNA.
In a spate of recent studies, it has been proved that cell phone radiation breaks down single-strand DNA molecules. Research by the Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (GNRP) Center found that a mere four hours of exposure to cell phone radiation impaired the ability of human brain cells to repair its damaged genes. In another study done called the Reflex, it was proved that radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and DNA molecules in the human body. This study funded by the European Union, was conducted within the lab by 11 researchers across seven countries. Furthermore, the World Health Organization has classified cell phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic, similar to lead and chloroform.  This radiation from cell phone contains reactive molecules called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), and these molecules have proven to damage DNA. Over a period, this can be carcinogenic, and may even lead to mutations among future generations.
These studies show that the debate about cell phone radiation is over, and it is time to create a public policy that will address these issues as bio-effects have been observed at a rate of 92 percent in 80 peer-reviewed studies. Therefore, it is important for governments of different countries to come together to create legislation that will limit cell phone radiation. One possible way is to mandate compulsory reduction in radiation levels by forcing cell phone manufactures and service providers to use different technologies than the existing ones. Alongside, users should be made aware of the possible side-effects of cell phone use, so that they can make alternative choices such as using a headset. 

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  1. I think cell phone radiation causes more than just DNA damage. It's incredibly harmful, that's why it's good to see these companies coming up with their own ideas for cell phone radiation protection.