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The effects of mobile phones on apoptosis in cerebral tissue: an experimental study on rats.

 2014 Apr;18(7):992-1000.

The effects of mobile phones on apoptosis in cerebral tissue: an experimental study on rats.



The concern about mobile phone effects is increasing as the number of users increasing too. Different studies have different results, so this topic is still open to discussion. Aim of this report was to investigate the effects of the mobile phones on the Bcl-2 gene and p53 proteins in rat brains.


In the study group of 10 rats; mobile phones that spread EMW at a frequency between 1900-2100 MHz and Specific Absorption Rate range between 0.005 W/kg and 0.288 W/kg (Dialing mode), 0.004 W/kg and 0.029 W/kg (Calling mode) were attached to rat ears for simulating usage in daily life for 7 times a day during 5 minutes (3 seconds dialing mode, 4 minutes and 47 seconds of calling mode) for a four week period. Sham group (n=10) rats were only immobilized without EMW exposure. Another group of rats (n=10) were counted as control without any application. immunohistopathological examination was performed for p53 and Bcl-2 expression.


Immunohistopathological examinations revealed that the samples in the study group had more p53 and Bcl-2 positive stained cells and they were stained denser. In both evaluations, these differences between the study and control group were found statistically significant (p < 0.003); In Bcl-2 evaluation statistically significant difference was found between study and sham group to (p < 0.005); however, the p53 evaluation between the study and the sham group did not show any statistically significant difference (p > 0.005).


Our results showed that the electro-magnetic waves emitted by the mobile phones may have effect on apoptosis. Besides, obtained data revealed that more realistic application of mobile phones during experiments is more important as expected.
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