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Stop Smart Meters! Bulletin July 2016 — Volume 35

Stop Smart Meters! Bulletin

July 2016 — Volume 35

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"We don’t yet fully know what effect incredibly dense (5G) mmWave radio networks pumping out really hot signals might have!.....Don’t throw out that tin foil hat just yet. "
- From, an industry-sponsored website.

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1. In Spite of Damning NTP Study, FCC Poised to Approve 5G Wireless Micro-Cell Invasion- TAKE ACTION BY WED.
2. Success as New "Save Landlines" Coalition Helps to Defeat AB2395
3. Smart Meters Not Even Needed, Say EU Industry Insiders
4. New Toll-Free Hotline Available for Your "Burning" Meter Questions
5. News Briefs: Latino Man's EHS Nightmare, Letter to Vancouver Mayor

1. Wireless Health Science Firmer than Ever as FCC Poised to Say "Screw It" and Approve 5G Micro-Cell Invasion In May, the results of a “game-changing” $25 Million study on the cancer risk of wireless technology, carried out by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) was released. The study determined that ambient radiofrequency radiation (RFR) of the type emitted by cell phones and smart meters produces statistically significant increases in DNA damage and cancer in mice and rats.* Authors say the results “could have broad implications for public health.”
Former Wireless Assn. head and current FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who SSM! confrontedwhen he came to Silicon Valley in 2014, made this speech recently regarding FCC policy and 5G technologies. It is a warped and truly terrifying worldview and should be read, digested, and resisted by all. 
This Thursday July 14th the FCC is holding a hearing to consider opening up higher frequency spectrum to so-called “5G” wireless technologies, a regulatory move that would open the door to RF exposures on a level beyond anything we have seen, and pose a mortal threat not only to our health and environment but also to our essential landline systems and other safer wired technologies.
Take Action By Wednesday:
*SSM! is opposed to all forms of animal experimentation–unnecessary and immoral abuse of sentient creatures. Sufficient evidence of harm exists to justify action.

2. AB2395 - California Landline Killing Bill Stopped with Your Help! In May, a large and diverse coalition of people and organizations in California came together to defeat AB 2395, a bill sponsored by AT&T that would have allowed the telecom giant to dissolve landline systems in the state at will, starting Jan. 1st, 2020. The bill was held in the Appropriations Committee, after a barrage of landline calls to the capitol, sustained pressure from organized labor groups including the unions, seniors, rural counties as well as physicians who warned of serious public health costs and emergency response problems.
A few weeks later, an outraged public weighed in again on AB2788, a bill that would have destroyed local governments ability to regulate cell towers and other wireless devices. The threat to our landline systems remains a serious one, as telecom companies attempt to dismantle landlines around the country, and force 5G everywhere. People have a right to safe, reliable infrastructure and this is being eroded. Read what Verizon has been doing to elderly residents of this NYC neighborhood!
We must remain vigilant, and if you care about this issue, get involved with the Coalition to Save Landline Telephones

3. Smart Meters Not Even Needed, Say EU Insiders   Last month, electric power industry insiders admitted at the Eurelectric Conference what experts have known for years– that an efficient, advanced electric power system does not need smart meters after all. This is another blow to the smart grid industry, after Germany canceled plans to deploy smart electric meters, due to the lack of a sound economic case. Read more.

4. New Toll-Free Hotline for "Burning" Meter Questions If you have questions about organizing in your community to stop smart meters or other wireless technologies, feel free to call our new toll free US hotline(888) 965-6435. We feel this is a service especially vital for those who do not use e-mail or the internet. Exercise your community’s right to use analog meters and call our landline hotline today!
We are generally available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST. Please be patient if you leave a message as we are dealing with a high volume of calls, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer e-mail, you can reach us at
Thank you for your donations and store purchases, helping to fund services such as our new hotline.

5.  News Briefs

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Final Word:     "Saving your landline may save your life”
- Cindy Russell, VP Community Health Santa Clara Cty Med. Assn.
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