Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Are We Coping with Increasing Airborne Radiation?

Are We Coping with Increasing Airborne Radiation?

Based in Stockholm, Dr. Olle Johansson is a professor at the Karolinska Institute’s Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience. He has spent years studying the effects of man-made electromagnetic fields. In 2006, he published a commentary in the Journal of the Australian College of Nutrition & Environmental Medicine with the title, “How shall we cope with the increasing amounts of airborne radiation?”
 He says that today there is no doubt that artificial electromagnetic fields are potentially very harmful to us, and to life on the planet.
Results from studies suggest: genotoxic cellular DNA-damage, disruptions and alterations of cellular functions like increases in intracellular stimulatory pathways and calcium handling, decreased learning and memory scores, disruption of tissue structures like the blood-brain barrier, damage and induced death of nerve cells, impact on vessel and immune functions, and loss of sperm quality as well as fertility.
According to LivingNow, even though Dr Johansson’s early research has been vindicated by the latest American National Toxicology Program rat study, he is being ‘forced’ into early retirement. He had previously had his funding and research facilities cut.
EMR Aware noted: “Unable to counter his expert findings, it appears promoters of wireless technology have adopted the strategy of applying pressure to the Karolinska Institute of Sweden at which Prof. Johansson resides. Now it seems, by attempting to have him dismissed from his post entirely, they hope to prevent further release of truthful and unbiased information to the public.”
Dr Johansson: “Very early I coined the expression that we are all subjected to the largest full-scale experiment ever,and asked the question: “What happens when we, 24 hours around the clock, wherever we are, allow ourselves and our children to be used as guinea-pigs, whole-body-irradiated by new, manmade electromagnetic fields for the rest of our lives?”
“This question is more valid and important than ever, and it is up to our society, with its governments, parliaments and health authorities, to answer it – but they most often don’t.
“Based on all the science that is flooding my desk, I say that this sudden exposure to new, manmade electromagnetic fields seems to cause a disturbance of the immune system to result in molecular and cellular damage and tissue repair reduction that would lead to disease and impairment.
“To suddenly feed a stable biological ecosystem, like Planet Earth, with astronomical amounts of energy (as compared to the natural background in which life on this planet evolved) will propel cell growth, like cancer, damage the genome, and jeopardise the immune defence. The mechanisms behind this are not difficult to imagine. This is not a matter of ‘rocket science’ – the obvious potential evolutionary consequences are easy to grasp, and it is time to wake up and take strong action!
“Just as we are learning that cell phones are associated with brain and heart tumours, why are we installing more and more of the same technology next to, or in, everyone’s homes, often with no legal right or practical possibility to opt out?
“Thousands of people have complained of tinnitus, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, heart arrhythmia, and other symptoms after WiFi was installed. Various studies have reported that electromagnetic fields may have serious, or very serious, side-effects in various tissues and cells, and especially so in the young and very young.
“It is very important that the members of the general public immediately start to educate themselves and take precautionary actions of their own. It is too obvious nowadays that we, as citizens, cannot trust our elected bodies or commissioned authorities. Therefore, it is high time that we all – scientists, politicians, civil servants and citizens, finally realise how potentially dangerous for our health may be manmade, artificial electromagnetic fields released from, and used by, our various electronic gadgets – such as power lines, transformers and wiring inside household items, cell phones, tablets, laptops, baby alarms, and gas, water and electricity wireless smart meters. As a reader, educate yourself! Then take a lifestyle decision for yourselves and for your children based on your own convictions.”

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