Saturday, April 09, 2016

Urgent Action Needed: AT&T on Warpath to Destroy California's Landline Network

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: AT&T on Warpath to Destroy California’s Valuable Landline Network 

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Josh Hart

Apologies if you are not in California, but landlines are under attack everywhere, so get informed, get involved and defend this safer mode of communication locally!
AT&T lobbyists are hard at work trying to leave the landline network in tatters, forcing people to use cell phones. Check out this article, AT&T Wants to Decommission Landlines in California, published yesterday on Techwire.
AB 2395, currently before the CA Assembly, poses a serious threat to the health and safety of Californians, and will be heard before the California State Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce in Sacramento this coming Wednesday, April 13, at 1:30pm.
If you can’t make it to the hearing (and even if you can) please make some calls (while you still can) and write letters, spread the word and speak out about why we need analog landlines to be maintained for our health and safety
Talking points:
• Landlines provide an important resilient communication network when electricity and cell service goes out (which is more likely with the “smart grid”)
• Many millions of people rely solely on landlines for their communication needs, and cutting people's communication is a violation of human rights and a step backward
• Call quality is far superior on a copper landline- is it progress or “moving into the 21st century” to make Californians suffer through static and dropped calls?
• Corded landlines are far safer than mobile phones, which emit radiation associated with brain tumors, and other health problems.
• As a resident of California, I am committed to taking meaningful personal action to defend our landline network, and not allow AT&T to put profits above service, access and safety.
We will post updates on this urgent issue on our website as they develop. Take action today or in 3 1/2 years the cord may be cut, as unbelievable as that might seem…..

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