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Pediatricians in Italy ask to prohibit cell phones for children under 10 years old

Pediatricians in Italy ask to prohibit cell phones for children under 10 years old

Sara Ficocelli
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The Italian Society for Preventive and Social Pediatrics, raises the alarm:  cell phones for children under 10 years old, need to be prohibited. Loss of concentration, difficulty to learn and aggressiveness, according to the experts, are among the harmful effects for health that smartphone provoke in the smallest.   

 According to the research from Eurispes, in 18% of the cases, the cell phone arrives between the hands of the children already at 7 years old, according to Census.

22% of children use it 1 hour adapt and 23% up to 4 hours.

In Lazio regions, beyond 50% of the children between age 6 and 7 years old use tablet 1 or 2 hours a day, up to 4 hours.  At 10 years old, the threshold is above 60%.

Giuseppe Di Mauro, president of the Italian Society of social and preventive pediatrics [Società italiana di pediatria preventiva e sociale (www.sipps.it)] – we do not know all the consequences associated with cell phone use, but excessive use could can lead to  concentration and memory loss, increase in aggressiveness and sleep disturbances.  I think that children don't have to use cell phone, if their parents can not help but give their children this object, I hope that is used for a short time, avoiding their use of many hours,  exchanging text messages, chatting or surfing.

The other big problem is the use of cell phone. The use of cell phone is indeed related to the behavioral sphere: not only does the abuse of smartphone cause addiction, but it would be at the basis of anti-social behavior and the inability of children to build stable relationships with the people who live around them.  

Are many - concludes Di Mauro - the guys who, while being close to each other, do not talk but they continue to keep their gaze fixed on the mobile phone. If we do not put a stop to this veritable invasion, the new generations will increasingly go towards isolation


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