Friday, December 18, 2015

A Reaction from Canada

A Reaction from Canada

Hello Mary-Anne,

I am a Canadian electrohypersensitive woman.  I know since a year and half that I have this condition. I have been in touch with André Fauteux (editor of the magazine La Maison du 21e siècle), who sent in his ‘sending list’ your email to me. I knew a bit about this awful project, but learning more makes it even more horrible. I am a scientist (independent, and retired), and I write a blog in André’s magazine (electronic edition): Journal d’une électrosensible…

My question to you is : are there any petitions anywhere against this project ? like an Avaaz one, for instance. People have to let health authorities know how they feel about that, don’t you think ? My master’s degree is in public health and my Ph.D is in social science. It’s a shame that nothing is done to evaluate wi-fi implementation (whatever form it takes) on health. I think that Bill Gates is linked with this project. And at the same time his foundation gives big money to maternal and newborn’s health projects and research (this is my field of expertise).

Anyway, I want to protest, can you guide me to already organized protestations ?

Thanks a lot,

Hélène Vadeboncoeur, Ph.D
Chercheure en périnatalité
Auteure de Une autre césarienne ou un AVAC ? S’informer pour mieux décider (3e édition, FIDES, 2012), de

Birthing Normally After A Cesarean or Two – A Guide for Pregnant Women (Fresh Heart Publishing, 2011) et deParto Natural – Mesmo após uma Cesárea (mBooks, Brésil, 2015)

Membre du c.a. de l’Organisation internationale pour la naissance MèrEnfant (IMBCO)
Membre du comité aviseur de la charte Le respect dans les soins de maternité : Les droits universels des femmes pendant la période périnatale
(Alliance du Ruban blanc pour une maternité sans risque)

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