Thursday, November 05, 2015

TODAY SHOW! Limit children's exposure to cellphones (NBC Today)

 TODAY SHOW! Limit children's exposure to cellphones (NBC Today)
From: Ellen Marks 
Object: TODAY SHOW! Limit children's exposure to cellphones (NBC Today)
Date: NOv 5 2015 12:48:42 UTC−5

Yesterday Dr. Oz- today the Today Show! We are breaking down their dam of denial!!!

 The FCC has changed their usual statement " they are tested and deemed safe" to (you have to watch it to see it for yourself
​ ​
Now the CTIA cannot say the FCC says they are safe. 

We do not expect abstinence (in children yes) but PLEASE heed these warnings. 
If you must give a child a phone or ipad please put it in airplane mode. 
And get all wireless transmitting devices out of their (and your) bedrooms at night. 
Turn off your wifi router at night and opt out of the smart meters. 
They all emit non -ionizing radiation (the report spelled it wrong) which is a WHO classified possible human carcinogen. Just because you cannot see does not mean it is not there. It is in the same category as DDT- would you spray that all over you and your children all day long? Doubtful.

Please contact me about a showing of our award winning documentary Mobilize in your area. If you would like my colleagues and me to speak at your children's schools or your workplace we are happy to do so. 

AND PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION to the California Brain Tumor Association- donate button is at bottom. ​We work endlessly on this issue to educate, advocate and legislate so that others do not have to suffer as so many others already have. 

Thank you!
Ellie Marks
CA Brain Tumor Association

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