Tuesday, November 03, 2015

France confirms EHS ‘functional impairment’

France confirms EHS ‘functional impairment’

In July 2015, the French courts had recognized the existence of a serious disability due to hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves, which had forced Marine Richard, 39, to live in the mountains and to become desocialized (article link below below). A judgment of the Dispute at the Tribunal for inability in Toulouse had confirmed, after medical expertise in support, that the complainant was suffering from a syndrome whose "description of the clinical signs is irrefutable." She then obtained the payment of AAH (adult disability allowance) in the amount of 800.65 euros per month.

But the MDPH (Departmental Centre for the Disabled) appealed; it has just been rejected. The judgment stating the "syndrome of hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves" and functional impairment of Marine Richard, estimated at 85%, is therefore definitively confirmed! 

Résumé : Assignée à verser une Allocation adulte handicapé à une personne éléctrosensible en juillet 2015, sa MDPH avait fait appel. Il vient d'être rejeté, confirmant la " situation de handicap ".

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