Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Study Funded, Call for Electrosensitives In EMF Lawsuits...

Study Funded, Call for Electrosensitives In EMF Lawsuits...

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Hello All,

I am very happy to announce we just received funding from a very generous donor to finish off our study on functional MRI and electrosensitivity! 

We are putting out the call for electrosensitives who did not have the funds at the time but wished to participate in this ground breaking study.

We would like to give priority to electrosensitives who are currently in lawsuits on the EMF issue so that as a participant, hopefully once it is published, you can use the study and your functional MRI to help you win your suit! 

Even if you are not currently suing on the EMF issue but would like to be in the study because you are electrosensitive please contact me in case I don't hear from people who are suing.

Thus far we have had 8 participants with only 2 slots left to fill to make it 10 before publishing.  The funding covers the final 2 participants.
Out of the 8 electrosensitives in the study who have completed their functional MRIs, the results are all consistent with each other, showing neurological damage that is picked up by functional MRI but not regular MRI.  These MRIs are then compared with the controls (non electrosensitives) who's functional MRIs look completely normal and are consistent with each other.  There is a striking difference between the cases (electrosensitives) functional MRIs and the controls functional MRIs.  This study could be a huge step in the direction of finally proving electrosensitivity in a regularly used, medical diagnostic tool - MRI.  We have yet to see, but it is all looking extremely promising.

I am also specifically seeking someone whom I spoke with who is in the midst of a lawsuit against their utility on the EMF issue, but who's name escapes me.  I promised him he could be in the study should we receive the funding.  Please contact me if you are this person. 

You can email me at contact (at) (I spelled it out so no email bots block this email) or call and leave your name and phone # at 310-281-9639.  I will call you back.

Thank you so much,

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