Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Students Discover Microwaves from WiFi in Ontario Schools may Cause Infertility

Students Discover Microwaves from WiFi in Ontario Schools may Cause Infertility

BRAMPTON, ONSept. 24, 2015 /CNW/ - Students from Peel District School Board will reveal evidence tonight about dangerous levels of microwave radiation discovered in their classrooms. 
The school Board measured radiation from WiFi and other devices and discovered microwaves strong enough to cause reproductive damage. 

"Both male and female students have a right to know that we can be harmed by this," said sixteen year old Apurva Dixit, a grade 11 student who helped to organize an information meeting tonight open to all students in the Peel District School Board.
"Now that they've measured the radiation, if the school Board won't protect us then we have to start protecting ourselves," she said. "Students are more exposed to wireless devices than any other group."

The Peel Board has declared classroom microwave levels to be lower than federal safety limits.  But last spring the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health called those limits into question for triggering a range of health effects, including cancer and infertility.
"This Board of education is misleading its students because those high levels of radiation were measured with only four wireless devices operating. By their own admission there are normally 50 devices in use," said Frank Clegg CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology. 
Clegg, who was president of Microsoft Canada for 15 years, now leads C4ST which educates Canadians about how to use emerging technologies more safely. He will speak to the students at tonight's event.
The students have also invited an international expert on cancer, Dr. Anthony Miller, who is professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. Dr. Miller recently consulted the Canadian Parliamentary Health Committee, as well as the World Health Organization on the risks of cancer from common wireless devices like cell phones and WiFi.
In 2011 the W.H.O. declared microwave radiation from Wi-Fi and cell phones to be a "possible carcinogen", along with formaldehyde and car exhaust.
"This is twenty first century science," said Dixit about cell phones and infertility. "It might be the most relevant science a high school student can learn."
The students meet tonight at 7 pm in Brampton.
Event:   Fellowship Hall, Grace Place Community Centre,
156 Main St North, Brampton, ON
Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015.   7 pm
SOURCE C4ST: Canadians For Safe Technology

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