Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NEWSFLASH: Consumer Reports Advises Keep Phones Out of Pockets

Echoing EHT Advice, Consumer Reports November 2015 Issue Recommends Reducing Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

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“The evidence so far doesn’t prove that cell phones cause cancer, and we definitely need more and better research,” says Michael Hansen, Ph.D., a senior scientist at Consumer Reports. “But we feel that the research does raise enough questions that taking some common-sense precautions when using your cell phone can make sense.” Specifically, CR recommends these steps:

  • Try to keep the phone away from your head and body. That is particularly important when the cellular signal is weak—when your phone has only one bar, for example—because phones may increase their power then to compensate.

  • Text or video call when possible.

  • When speaking, use the speaker phone on your device or a hands-free headset.

  • Don’t stow your phone in your pants or shirt pocket. Instead, carry it in a bag or use a belt clip.

Read the full article here.

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