Friday, October 02, 2015

Hundreds of angry customers pull ‘smart’ meters (video)

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Last week, hundreds of Edenorte customers in the Dominican Republic removed so-called 'smart' meters from their homes and businesses.
Watch the news video with over 1.3 million views on Facebook:

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Confirmed: No Benefits, Only Harm

Eversource (formerly Northeast Utilities), with 3.6 million customers, has reiterated: the supposed benefits are insufficient.

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Detroit Building Momentum

With backing from the Attorney General, Rep. Gary Glenn's "opt-out" legislation is gaining support. However, it is not clear if the opt-out would be free, and if it would provide the option for a safe electromechanical analog. And a free opt-out, again, is only a milestone — as harming everyone else is not ok.

See the story and video with 92-year-old Olga Puste, cut from the pole as winter approaches:

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San Antonio Showdown

In San Antonio, CPS has admitted to overcharging customers, who packed a library meeting room and let the utility have it.
"Ma'am, everyone in here is here for the same reason, you all over-estimated our bills," said Don Jones. "We want to pay for what we used only. That's it."
"That's called fraud," yelled another man.
"Yes, it is," said Jones. "The Texas Rangers should be called in on this."

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SMUD Losing Control

In Sacramento, SMUD president Rob Kerth condescendingly attempts to shut downmembers of the public from speaking, as he is losing control of the situation.

This one will get your blood boiling.

Source video - division grows amongst the board:

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Op-Ed: A Sick Surveillance Society
by Ed Friedman

So-called smart electric meters, installed on our homes, are surveilling us and making us physically ill. Smart meters are radiofrequency radiation- emitting, detailed information-gathering devices. Every electronic device creates a unique “fingerprint.” Smart meters digitally record these data and, using disaggregation software, the utility (or entities with who the utility shares your data, i.e. law enforcement or marketers), can parse-out revealing details. Like having a video camera mounted in each room.

Read more:

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Why This Is All Happening

If you missed my post last month, it has the BIG answers:

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