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Petition Update/FCC Limit Update

Petition Update/FCC Limit Update

Hi Everyone,

Thank you if you have signed the petition or if you have helped spread the word.  If you haven't yet, please sign.  Currently, there are 785 signatures.  Progress has slowed down to a trickle.  I have been contacting other cell tower groups so hopefully the numbers will go up.  I suspect the numbers are low because some of you may have signed with a fake email address or typed in the wrong email address accidentally (easy to do on a smart phone).  If you did NOT get a confirmation email from right after you signed, then your signature was not added to the petition.  So please enter your email address correctly. (If they didn't check emails then anyone could sign multiple times with fake email addresses)  If you don't want to have your email address in their system, you can remove it, by clicking "unsubscribe" after you receive their first email.

Signing Tips:

1) If your spouse/significant other signs then we can almost double the signatures.  For a second person to sign on the same computer, have to "log out" at the top right corner of the screen, and then close the browser window.  Open a new browser window (by clicking on petition link again) - 2nd person should be able to sign on computer now.

2) Sign with a valid email address - check that you got a confirmation email - if you didn't, then your signature was not added to the petition (sign petition again in this case).  You can remove your email address from system by clicking "unsubscribe" atter you receive their first email.

3) If you don't want to give out your street address, you can skip your house number.

Here are signatures, only cities/states w/ 5 or more listed:

By StateN'ern CA (Bay Area)S'ern CA
CA624San Jose178Walnut107
NY27Cupertino51Diamond Bar18
NC15Saratoga39San Marino7
OR15Santa Clara23Yorba Linda7
IL7Fremont8W Covina11
WI9Los Angeles6
VA7Other W CoastEast Coast
Eugene, OR8Woodstock, NY9
Portland, OR5Durham, NC5
Madison Heights, VA5


FCC exposure limits does NOT protect you against effects other than tissue heating.
If a device (cell phone, Wi-Fi router, etc.) or cell tower is FCC compliant, 
it means only that there is not enough microwave radiation from it to cook you.  
It does NOT mean that you are "safe" or protected from all possible effects.  
(Most people are unaware of this, because they assume, like I did until this year, that our government standards protect us.
So please help spread the word on what "FCC Compliance" really means)

Update on FCC exposure limits for wireless radiation  
The following info. was obtained from .  Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Director and Principal Investigator of UC Berkeley's Center for Family and Community Health, is one of the authors of this website.
FCC has received almost 1000 submissions from June 2012 to August 2015 regarding input on its limits for RF radiation established in 1996.  Below is input from various scientists, doctors, government agencies, and organizations if you'd like to read.  To view or download the submissions go to Proceeding Number 13-84 on the FCC web site.   Don't know when FCC will be done reviewing input, or if they will change their limits, but his process was begun in 2012, 3 years ago.  

 Scientific Expert Resolutions Calling for Stronger Regulations  
Catania Resolution (2002; 16 signees)

Benevento Resolution (2006; 52 signees)
Seletun Scientific Panel (2009); 7 signees)
Health Canada Safety Code 6 Declaration  (Jul 9, 2014); 54 signees)
International EMF Scientist Appeal (May 11, 2015; 200 signees)

Expert Comments in Support of Stronger Regulations
Omer Abid, MD, MPH

Norm Alster ("FCC captured agency")

BioInitiative Working Group (29 contributing authors)

Devra Davis PhD MPH, Alvaro de Salles PhD, Susan Downs MD, Gunnar Heuser MD PhD, Anthony Miller MD. Lloyd Morgan BSEE, Yael Stein MD. Elihu Richter MD MPH (rebuttal of CTIA's claims)

Alan H. Frey

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD

Henry C. Lai, PhD

Victor Leach / Simon Turner   

De-Kun Li, MD, PhD, MPH

Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD

William J. Rea, MD

Cindy Sage, Lennart Hardell, MD & Martha Herbert, MD, PhD

Cindy Sage & David O. Carpenter, MD

Miriam D. Weber, MD

Consumer, Environmental and Health Organizations

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Center for Electrosmog Prevention

Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.
EMF Safety Network

Environmental Working Group
Environmental Working Group (petition w/ 26,000 signatures):

Pharmacists Planning Service Inc (PPSI)

Stop Smart Meters New York

Wireless Education Action

Government Agencies

Cities of Boston, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

FCC Office of Engineering Technology Bureau

International Agency for Research on Cancer, World Health Organization

Los Angeles Unified School District

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

City and County of San Francisco

Radiation Protection Division, Environmental Protection Agency
Radiofrequency Interagency Working Group(Federal)
City of Tucson and County of Pima, Arizona Resolution

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