Friday, October 23, 2015

FCC Chairman wants more Wi-Fi in schools

FCC Chairman wants more Wi-Fi in schools

Thought you'd be interested in seeing this if you haven't already.  FCC Chairman wants more Wi-Fi in schools.  With the President backing him on this, how do we keep it out of schools (and cell towers) off school grounds?

Don't forget that Tom Wheeler was head of the CTIA, the lobbying organization for the wireless industry, which is why he advocates wireless.  The wireless industry denies that there are any hazards with wireless radiation.  The CTIA tried to discredit Dr. George Carlo's research when it showed that wireless radiation is dangerous, and Tom Wheeler was CEO of the CTIA at the time and he was the one that hired George Carlo in 1993 to head the research project on cell phones .  The former head of the wireless industry should not be the chairman of the FCC, but Tom Wheeler raised $500,000 for Pres. Obama's campaign, then Pres. Obama appointed Tom Wheeler to FCC chairman in 2013 despite criticism that the former head of the wireless industry's lobbying organization would not be able to regulate the industry objectively )  .

Fortunately Norm Alster (Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University) has written an expose on this already 
But this kind of information needs to get out to more people in the mainstream and our politicians so they understand that the FCC and the wireless industry are essentially on the same side, that there is no objective regulation of the industry, which is why he have 30 year old outdated thermal standards that don't protect anyone, and forced to have Wi-Fi in schools, cell towers in schools/residential areas, and smart meters on our homes.

Angela Cinader

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