Wednesday, September 09, 2015

SCOTLAND - EHS Retreat, Pishwanton Wood project, The Life Science Trust

SCOTLAND - EHS Retreat, Pishwanton Wood project, The Life Science Trust

(Via Sarah Dacre, Electrosensitivity UK)

Dear Sara,

I am Jordi Albacete Communications and Marketing Officer at Pishwanton Wood project. 
I am getting in touch with you because we would like to promote our place among the electrosensitive network in the UK. 
For 20 years Pishwanton Project has been developed as a teaching centre for the promotion of Goetheanism, a wholistic ecological discipline that promotes the connection between sciences and arts helping people with learning disabilities. We are part of the Camphill movement. 
As a free electricity project we have no electricity in our buildings, made entirely of national materials (no chemicals at all) and hand built by crafts people. No mobile phones or electronic equipment is permitted in any of our buildings or even outside in the 60 acre compound. We try and do all our work by hand or horse traction. The only machine allowed is a lawn-mower and an occasional chain saw. May people have reported how well they feel here and how the effects of electrosmog disappear after few hours.
Currently we offer two houses for accommodation for respites by and retreat. We are also building a cabin in Pishwanton which will have no electricity or chemicals in it. 
We would be very happy to be in touch and answer any questions regarding our project. 
With many thanks for your attention. 
Jordi Albacete 
Communications and Marketing Officer at The Life Science Trust 
The Life Science Trust, 4 Baxtersyke, EH41 4PL Gifford, East Lothian (Scotland). 
Telephone number: 01620810891.
Please learn more about us on our website and social media. 
TWITTER: @pishwantonwood

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