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Shame on Cal State Fullerton’s Dr. Mark H. Shapiro for talking out his pie hole on wireless

Cal State Fullerton’s Dr. Mark H. Shapiro
WHERE DOES ONE BEGIN? WELL FOR STARTERS, AN INTRODUCTION.Last month, the Observer was forced to run an article about how some 120 scientists are all appealing to the World Health Organization and The United Nations to do something about the public health crisis from wireless microwave radio frequency radiation exposure to the general population and school children.
So in response, Shapiro takes it upon himself to write up a hit piece to debunk an article in the Observer that pretty much put the establishment school district irradiators in the proverbial corner.
Professor Emeritus Mark Shapiro should find out why the California Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the Austrian Medical Association, the Israeli Ministry of Education, the German Federal Ministry, the Public Health Department of the Salzburg Region, the European Environment Agency, the Supreme Court of India, among many, many others have all come out to either limit  or eliminate EMF exposure.
Perhaps Prof emeritus Shapiro should argue the science with 190 scientists worldwide that have come together to appeal the World Health Organization for stricter RF-radiation guidelines.
Perhaps Prof Emeritus  Mark Shapiro should argue with the multitudes that are urgently warning governments about EMF health harms.
Perhaps Prof Emeritus Mark Shapiro should talk to France, which just this year passed a new national law.  If he did, maybe he could understand why they took such extraordinary actions to insure their country’s health.  It may be that they understand the health implications of EMF a good deal better than he.
  • WIFI Banned in Nursery Schools.
  • National Radiofrequency Agency Established.
  • Cell Phones Labeled with SAR Values and Ways to Lower Radiation.
  • WiFi Routers Turned Off in Elementary Schools Except When Needed.
  • Cell Phone Ads Must Recommend Phones be Held Away From the Head.
  • Location of Wireless Routers Must be Posted.
  • Government Report To Be Prepared on Electro-hypersensitivity.
Perhaps Prof emeritus should thoroughly review the scientific findings before he injects himself into a discussion on such a hugely significant issue that he has no professional expertise from which to draw.  If he did, he would not confine his opinions exclusively to cancer.  Is he aware that the science shows impacts to heart function, reproductive health, immune and nervous systems?  If so, it is not apparent.
This statement from Prof. Shapiro is astoundingly uninformed:
“The bottom line is that the only risk to the general public from EMR at cell phone frequencies comes from the cell phones themselves, not from the towers, WiFi routers, or smart meters. And, with a little care even that risk can be greatly reduced.
It’s unfortunate that the Professor was allowed to air his personal opinion   and given the opportunity to influence the public on a matter on which decisions and positions are being taken by governments and respected associations clearly contradicting Professor Shapiro’s advice to the general public.  Prof. Shapiro, you might ask yourself:  “What do they know that I do not?”
Among those with expertise in the field the debate is over on EMF exposure and that is becoming more and more evident in the laws, ordinances, and position statements from the medical profession.  It is already happening.  They are not waiting until the dead bodies stack up.   Clearly, they are all on a different page than the CSUF professor.
Well regardless, it looks like our little fan club got nervous and decided to roll out their big gun Dr. Emeritous Shapiro. So in the early June edition of the Foolerton Observer, he states that in his opinion, the information presented in the Health News Column in the Mid-May 2015 Observer regarding the long-term health effects of Wi-Fi and other forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation was seriously misleading, because it conflates very low-risk activities such as being in the vicinity of a cell phone tower, using WiFi or smart meters with a much higher risk activity. Namely, talking on a cell phone held to one’s head for long period of time.
The doc goes on to state that “to my knowledge, the only studies that have shown statistically significant increases in cancer rates associated with high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) were those where relatively high EMR doses were involved. One such study, which was mentioned in the article, showed that people who talked on cell phones for 30 minutes or more daily over a long period of time (10 years) showed a 40% increase in a particular type of malignant brain tumor – glioma.”
Hey doc, does this picture of these poor children dumped off in one of these electronic sardine cans fit that description? HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THESE CHILDREN SPEND ON THESE DEVICES THAT HAVE A HIGHER SAR THAN A  CELL PHONE? MAYBE 5,6,7 HOURS A DAY AT SCHOOL AND AT HOME? FOR HOW MANY YEARS, 12, 18, 20?
unnamed-1-297x300 (1)
Shapiro should know because this is what Cal State Fullerton looks like.
Children are being FORCED TO USE IPADS OR LAPTOPS AT SCHOOL all day-just try getting an education in The FSD without one.
I am glad he understands the Hardell study findings. It is just to bad that he appears to be too stupid to make the correlation between cell phone use which is voluntary and intermittent and iPad use which is forced and chronic. The devices in school have a higher SAR than cell phones. The iPads emit more radiation in WiFi mode than a cell phone that is being used.  I wonder if it ever occurred to Dr Braniac where these kids keep these things all day and night?
This is indeed a textbook case of  “relatively high EMR doses being involved” This goes on for hours a day, at school, at home, at the park, in the car, in the plane, in the train, at the restaurant. Ipads and laptops emit more than cell phones and what the heck do you thing this crap is doing to this child with the antenna broadcasting on his zipper? 
dont you worry none
Shapiro tells us err on the side of caution because “Cell phones sold in the U.S. deliver SARs ranging from a low of 0.19 to a maximum of 1.58 Watts/kg. As the study quoted in the Health News column stated Cell phones sold in the U.S. deliver SARs ranging from a low of 0.19 to a maximum of 1.58 Watts/kg. As the study quoted in the Health News column stated exposure to SARs this high on a daily basis over many years appears to raise the risk for gliomas (a type of malignant brain cancer) by about 40% compared to the rate in the general population. While other studies have not been so definitive, we should err on the side of caution and take this particular study at face value While other studies have not been so definitive, we should err on the side of caution and take this particular study at face value.”
That is good advice so why don’t you open your eyes and apply it to the 15,000 children in the Fullerton School district who have to deal with this all day just so they can go to day care and do their homework on their iPad and then at home to finish it-all with WiFi beaming away all day and night.
Dr Shapiro why don’t you mention what we have been screaming from the mountain tops for almost 3 years at every city council and school board meeting? Ipads emit as much or more than cell phones and there is clear scientific evidence that this causes cancer!
Is this guy a circus clown or a monster? He is taking on hundred of scientists and telling us there is nothing to worry about?
images (23)
wireless is safe for the whole family
He then goes on to ignore school technology and warns “Those who talk on cell phones for more than a few minutes a day should choose a cell phone model with a low SAR, and should be sure to use a wired earpiece. OH that is brilliant doc. Metallic wires of the headphones increase the intensity of the cell phone radiation as they act as an antenna. The wired headphones collect radiationfrom the surroundings. 
He tells us that “The laws of physics dictate that the specific absorption rate (SAR) in Watts/kg of body weight from these sources will decrease approximately as the square of the distance from a point source of radiation – the inverse square law.“‘
looks like this child’s reproductive future is ” inversely square out of luck with point blank microwave exposure”-look where the geniuses at Apple computer put the WiFi antenna-right on his zipper and it ain’t no accident
Look at this industry funded study that showed a decrease in brain cancer with increased cell phone use.

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