Monday, September 07, 2015

Home in Orlando available for EHS, MCS sensitivies

Home in Orlando available for EHS, MCS sensitivies

I am helping a friend get the word out about his home in case you are aware of someone who is chemically and/or electrically sensitive and in real need of a place to go.

For those of us who have heard the question over and over, "Where can I go?" this house may be a blessing for that someone.

The owner, John, is moving overseas to be with family and he has healed himself while living here in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch-style home in a nice and convenient neighborhood in Orlando.  The flyer is attached with his contact info.  The house has had no pesticides applied, no toxic cleaning chemicals used, no carpet, no harmful building materials, paints, sealants, etc used, and, the house has an analog power meter by choice through the opt-out program with Orlando Utilities, as the next door neighbors have done as well.  No elevated electric, magnetic or RF fields or frequencies measured.

I think it would be such a shame if this home was sold to someone who was not sensitive, as there are folks out there who desperately need a healthier place to live.

Right now the property is not listed with a realtor so pricing may be more amenable.
Contact John at  407-­‐250-­‐5652 with any questions or to direct anyone to see the property before he puts it up on a realtor's listing and MLS.

My very best regards,


Diana Schultz, BA, BBEC
Certified Building Biologist
Bau-Biologie Environmental Consultant
Orlando, FL

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