Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Generation Zapped video producer-director seeking EHS testimonials and funding

On Sep 1, 2015, at 12:02 AM, Richard Conrad <> wrote:
Hi again Sabine,
I want to add a thank you for the work you are doing; we need all the help we can get, especially visual media which of course can have an impact way beyond print.  I feel that video testimonials from astute, strong, convincing people with EHS could help a lot to counter the industry propaganda.  These days, arguing back and forth about this and that peer-reviewed (which can mean biased towards the conventional) publications can be like arguing over interpretations of the Bible, because industry and the mainstream media encourage people to think that science is a matter of opinion or belief.  Good science is neither, but is a reflection of reality, and although we have much good science showing harmful effects of non-thermal levels of EMF on animals, and some epidemiology implying harm to humans, industry has proactive propaganda that can convincingly minimize the importance of these.  But now we have EHS - short term very disabling effects - on real people.  People with EHS are the SMOKING GUN that industry will have a harder time waving away.  That’s why I believe that emotionally and intellectually convincing video EHS testimonials can be a huge help.  Maybe you already are doing this.
We can’t prove that EMF harms absolutely everyone, but we can demonstrate that:
1.  EMF is a major initial triggering cause of EHS, and is currently converting more and more previously normal people to become EHS at an accelerating rate.
2.  EMF causes those with EHS to suffer real physical symptoms that they had never before experienced.
Common pre-disposing factors are:pesticide exposuretoxic mold exposureserious infectionhaving Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or Chronic Fatigue or Lyme Diseasepossibly genetic factors
If I can help with your video in any way, please let me know.Richard

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