Monday, August 31, 2015

Growing Doubt: a Scientists' Experience of GMOs

Growing Doubt: a Scientists' Experience of GMOs

From Johnathan Latham:

Growing Doubt: a Scientists’ Experience of GMOs
by Jonathan Latham, PhD

Synopsis: I am a scientist who once made and used GMO crops for research. Twenty years of experience has taught me important lessons about them. One concerns the lack of scientific integrity of GMO risk assessments. Careful study of the documents shows that applicants (mostly companies) are gaming the system in numerous ways; at the same time, government regulators are allowing them to do so. None of this would matter if GMOs were inherently safe, but they are not. They even have dangers that are rarely discussed, even by their critics, but which should be more widely known. These two understandings have led me to conclude that no GMO currently on the market would pass an honest risk assessment, even by the rather low standards that most national regulations and laws require.


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