Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Keep Landline Telephones Petition

Keep Landline Telephones

Keep Landline Telephones

  • author: Landline Yes
  • target: Tom Wheeler, Chairman, Federal Communication Commission, and President Picker and Commissioners at California Public Utilities Commission
  • signatures: 341
  • we've got 341 signatures, help us get to 1,000
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AT&T has a policy named "2020" that states AT&T will phase out their copper networks or legacy systems, commonly known as a landline telephone, in 2020.  Seniors, those with an EMF disability and those customers recognizing the need for a landline telephone in an emergency power outage want the continuation of the landline network.

Especially with the growing number of people who are sensitive to microwave radiation and the growing number of scientists that state EMF poses a threat to Earth's biological genome and a growing epidemic of cancer, the landline telephone must continue.  The FCC's proposal to have each purchased cell phone come with an 8-24 hour battery, so that cell phones can work during a short power outage, does not address longer power outages, the safety of cell phones nor the need for democratic choice.

Frontier has submitted an application for the acquisition of Verizon's landline network that will be voted on by the end of 2015.  We wholeheartedly support the approval of this acquisition, with the following conditions:

  1. Frontier will properly maintain the copper network to provide reliable landline service.
  2. Their rates will be comparable to existing landline and cell phone service.
  3. Lifeline low rates will be available to qualified low-income individuals.

you have the power to create change.


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