Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pediatric autism specialist calls for smart meter moratorium

Pediatric autism specialist calls for smart meter moratorium

I am Toril Jelter, a board certified pediatrician specializing in medical and environmental aspects of autism related illness. I have health concerns regarding the unbridled roll out of wireless technologies without adequate health studies before hand. 
Dear FDA/FCC, I request a moratorium on the Smart Meter roll out ASAP until a proper assessment of health effects has been conducted. Here are a few patient stories for your review: A 2 year old child can’t sleep at night. He screams inconsolably for hours. When the mother takes the child away from the SF Bay area to a remote area with poor cell phone reception the child sleeps well every night and naps as a normal 2 year old would during the day. A 40 year old man with MS & EHS (multiple sclerosis and electrohypersensitivity) requests no Smart Meter. His doctor writes a letter to support this request. It is granted BUT only temporarily! His 4 neighbors get a Smart Meter and he develops such severe ringing in the ears (tinnitus) that he is no longer able to sleep indoors. He discovers that the only way he can sleep is to sleep outdoors. (This could be explained by the cumulative effect of EMF in his home + the Smart Meters next door.) A 45 year old woman with MS has been stable for several years. After installment of a Smart Meter she goes down hill rapidly. Depression,flu-like symptoms and severe fatigue. Another woman with MS 50 years old improving. Gets a Smart Meter. Gets worse balance, worsening depression. Falls breaks 2 ribs and punctures a lung. A 10 year old child with high functioning autism gets a Smart Meter. His handwriting deteriorates. He seems more fatigued. He gets flu like symptoms frequently. Looses his appetite. Stops gaining weight. A 65 year old woman gets a Smart Meter, actually 4 at the head of her bed. (condo)She develops severe tinnitus, sleep disturbance, intermittent confusion, memory problems, heart palpitations and diabetes. 

Bio: Dr. Toril H. Jelter is a general practitioner and board certified pediatrician with over 30 years of experience. She was born in Oslo, Norway where she later studied medicine at the University of Oslo, graduating with honors.

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