Friday, July 24, 2015

Epidemiologic Evidence Relevant to Radar (Microwave) Effects

Epidemiologic Evidence Relevant to Radar (Microwave) Effects 

JOHN R GOLDSMITH / Environmental Health Perspectives v.105, Supplement 6, 1dec97

Lenticular Changes. Toncheva et al. (48) studied 87 persons working with radar and 150 eye-matched controls. The radar workers were divided into five risk groups according to frequencies of microwave exposure (200 KHz to 26 GHz) and power density (8 µW to 300 mW/cm2).
They found three specific radiation cataracts in persons working with extremely high microwave exposure. Lens changes were associated with level of exposure in different risk groups. Changes such as opacities and posterior polar defects are criteria for microwave exposure.
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