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Uncovering decades of climate deception

Uncovering decades of climate deception

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It's clear that fossil fuel companies don't want to face the facts when it comes to climate science. In fact, internal memos from companies such as Exxon and Chevron document that these corporations have long known that carbon pollution is dangerous to our planet, but for decades they’ve been spreading misinformation about climate science—often using the same tactics, and sometimes the same people, the tobacco companies used to cover up the science documenting the dangers of smoking. It is unacceptable for major corporations to knowingly mislead the public by denying and distorting established science that shows the risks of their products. We need to work together to hold them accountable—it’s time they told the truth.—Katy
Decades of Deception from Fossil Fuel Companies

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The decades of deception must stop.
It’s time to hold the corporations behind the deception accountable for their actions, and for the harm of their products. Leaked documents show that many of the largest oil, gas, and coal corporations are behind efforts to distort the science of climate change and block action. Join the call to stop climate deception.
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Documenting the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Climate Deception
Peter Frumhoff
Peter Frumhoff
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A reader of our blog recently commented "Companies can only sell what people are demanding. It is people that are consuming electricity and the utilities are filling demand, ramping up production as demand increases. Why should the CEOs be blamed for this?" 
We all need energy to power our lives, but few people are demanding that it come from fossil fuels. By wide margins, Americans across the political spectrum support expanded use of clean, renewable energy. The fact that we have, for too long, remained on a high carbon emissions trajectory is due in part to the actions of some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies, which have long been sowing doubt about climate science to avoid limits on heat-trapping emissions. They, too, bear responsibility for climate change.  READ MORE

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Decades of Deception
A new UCS review of leaked industry documents shows that fossil fuel corporations have long been aware of the harm and risks of burning coal, oil, and natural gas. But even in the face of increasing evidence, these companies, like the tobacco industry before them, secretly deceived the public and policy makers about the known dangers of burning fossil fuels. They’ve funded contrarian scientists, faked letters to Congress from grassroots groups, and just last year planned to use faux grassroots organizations to undermine state climate policies. READ MORE
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