Saturday, July 11, 2015

Alasdair Philips: "Peak Signal Strength Critically Important"

Richard and I agree that the long-term average of low level informational signals is not relevant to health effects which are really caused by biological EMC (signal interference with exquisite life processes which use electric fields to control chemical signalling and reactions – and maybe more as regards consciousness).  

I have written about this issue for many years (since the early 1990s). e.g.

That is why I rarely use average power and almost always peak signal strength (usually in volts per metre). Amplitude (including phase) modulation ‘shapes’ and ELF & VLF frequency components are also critically important. 

I believe that we should try to avoid regular/frequent exposures to ‘pulsing’ (i.e. with modulation changes in amplitude) signals above about 0.1 V/m. ES people can be sensitive to down below 0.02 V/m.

The Bau-biologie SBM-2008 Standards are:


WiFi adapters/devices are tuned to receive just WiFi frequencies and so are able (and need) to be highly sensitive to only these frequencies. In the table below you will see that all the WiFi received ‘bar-level’ signals are at least 10-fold below the SBM-2008 ‘No Concern’ level of 0.1 uW/m^2  == 0.006 V/m or 6 mV/m in air)

         An Approximate guide for displayed WiFi “bars” on laptops etc is:
4(-5 bars)      0.002    V/m           0.01         uW/m^2  or greater
3 bars            0.0006  V/m           0.001       uW/m^2     
2 bars            0.0002  V/m           0.0001     uW/m^2   
1 bar             0.00001 V/m          0.000025 uW/m^2   

The uW/m^2 figures above agree with the Next-Up table that André circulated.

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