Thursday, July 09, 2015



We aim to provide a service bridging the gap between sufferers of electrical hypersensitivity and the general public, neighbours, doctors and teachers.

Often EHS people find it hard to be taken seriously, due to the amount of ignorance and prejudice about their condition. We aim to provide EHS sufferers with tactful, well presented literature explaining their condition to whoever they want to explain it to.

We also provide literature dealing with the many objections people in general have to accepting the condition.

Our initial focus was on providing literature for EHS people to use in hospitals. Many EHS individuals dread having to go into hospital for any kind of treatment due to the amount of radiation in such environments and the lack of education among doctors and other medical staff about the condition.
We are now also providing additional literature for schools and the general public.

We also provide information for people who are not neccesarily electrically hypersensitive, but want to educate others about the dangers of wireless radiation.

EHS Information Services is run entirely by the parents and carers of EHS people. Thus we have an inside view of the challenges that EHS people face. These challenges are given attention in our publications in order to impart understanding on the matter.

If there are any needs you feel we should address, please let us know!

Regards, Rachel and the team.

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