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Tulsa 912 - Smart Meter Opt Out 4

Tulsa 912 - Smart Meter Opt Out 4

Phase 1 Goal $5000

We are setting milestone goals in an effort to meet our financial needs in our fight against Smart Meters. Our first milestone is set at $5000.

In 2014 Tulsa 9.12 Project established a committee to research Smart Meters.  During the past year we have worked to educate the public about the meters and have stood for Oklahoma citizens through the PSO requested rate hike for the additional deployment of 220,000 Smart (AMI) Meters. Tulsa 9.12 has worked with legislators and lobbied on behalf of the right for citizens to have a choice as to whether or not they want a Smart Meter on their home or business.

March 11, 2015 PSO filed a Tariff Application with the OCC (Oklahoma Corporation Commission), Cause No. PUD 201 500109, offering the option to "opt out" and seeking cost recovery 

(e) During the deployment communication process, a very small number of customers have expressed to PSO their preference to not be served by AMI. If customers are not served with AMI, they will require a different cost of service than the vast majority of PSO's customers, as they will necessitate nonstandard processes such as manual meter reading and the special handling of service orders. Further, these customers will not be able to participate in the cost saving programs which require an AMI meter. 
(f) OAC 165:35-1 (1)(a) states that it is unlawful for a utility to furnish or charge for electric service except "strictly in accordance with a tariff ... approved by and on file with the Commission." 
(g) PSO is requesting this Commission to establish a procedural schedule for the filing of testimony and the taking of evidence to examine metering alternatives and determine the costs associated with those alternatives for those customers who do not desire to be served through an AMI meter. 
(h) PSO will also be asking for recovery of costs associated with any alternative, nonstandard metering tariff. 

Tulsa 9.12 Project desires to be an intervenor in this case and needs to raise money for attorney and expert witness costs.  The total estimated cost is $50 - $60k. The money raised will also help defray costs associated with educating and informing the public about Smart Meters.

About “Smart Meters”

 The smart meter is a telecom device that tracks and records details of customers’ energy usages and automatically transmits the information wirelessly, via radio-frequency(RF) microwaves (MW) to the Utilities. The wireless system is designed to support a two-way communication between a customer’s meter and the Utility.  Individual “smart meters” can be upgraded remotely by the Utility, providing the ability to implement future innovations and proposed energy conservation add-ons such as Utility controlledthermostats. PSO’s Yukon project supported by Cooper Power, allows the Utility to reduce the voltage to the customer without their knowledge.                              

 PSO has failed to provide full disclosure for the following issues associated with the meters: privacy violations, cyber attack vulnerability of the data devices, health side effects from repeated exposure to radio-frequency/microwave radiation, increased utility bills charging for time of day use, inaccurate billing and dangers associated with meter malfunction, overheating, and fires.

The World Health Organization has classified the radiation produced by the wireless meters as a Class 2B possible carcinogen, in the same classification as lead and DDT.  The smart meter pulses RF radiation at 500,000 to 1 million microwatts, 14,000 to 190,000 times per day.  DNA damage has been recorded at 3 microwatts per meter squared. 

No Federal Law mandates the installation of a “smart meter” without the expressed request of the customer. 

If you are a customer of PSO and have not had a Smart Meter placed on your home you can request to opt out and/or be bypassed at NO additional charge to you at this time.

Contact PSO by email (request acknowledgement receipt) asking to opt out...
For Everyone - with or without a Smart Meter
Contact the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Consumer Complaint Department and tell them to please make note that you want to go on record as NOT wanting a Smart Meter on your home,

Rebecca - Regualtory Affairs (OCC)

our financial gift will be greatly appreciated as we work to fight for YOU!!

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