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Indiana rejects 'smart' meters... and more

Dear Paul,
More decision-makers are realizing that the liability and risks caused by 'smart' meters far outweigh the supposed benefits.

In Indiana, the Utility Regulatory Commission regulators have rejected Duke Energy’s $1.9B plan to deploy smart meters.

In Tasmania, the government is providing a free opt-out, but they are still withholding the facts of harm.

Somehow, many public servants and executives have become convinced that they have the authority to violate people's rights; that putting money, control, and personal gain before basic respect is somehow acceptable. This delusion must now dissolve.

Our challenge is to envision and reach a tipping point in the near future in which all 'smart' meter deployments are stopped, and all utilities remove these harmful devices. This means changing the motivations of decision-makers.

Lessons From History

When we (as a society) found out that thalidomide kills babies, we changed course. When we found out that inhaling asbestos is slowly fatal, we changed course.
When we recognized that negotiation or asking nicely would not stop Nazi Germany, we changed course.

It is now clear that so-called 'smart' meters, being deployed in the name of "climate action", are a slow kill to our rights, property and biology. And it is now time we change course.

It does not matter if those causing the harm find it inconvenient.

If utilities and governments can spend billions on deploying this problem, they can spend a fraction of that on the solution: returning to safe analog metering systems which are accurate, economical, and durable; and which do not spy, catch fire, explode, make your home hackable, emit pulsed microwave radiation, facilitate extortion, waste billions, and charge you double for using energy when you want.

As a side note, is it not insane that any governing body would still dare to back the 'smart' fiasco? Insane yes, but they have been propagandized, perhaps paid off, and most do not yet fully perceive the extent of their personal liability and the risk involved.

Those causing or complicit in harm need two things: 1) to be made aware of the facts, and 2) to be held liable. Let us keep spreading truth and the message within Take Back Your Power, and let us hold their feet to the fire.

Vigilantibus non dormientibus aequitas subvenit.
   Justice aids the vigilant, not those who sleep on their rights.

* * *

The Turning Of Industry

Speaking of correcting the lies, the latest issue of Metering & Smart Energy International asked experts from within the industry, "Are smart meters living up to their promise?" The results indicate a big shift in perspective.

Some of the industry expert quotes:
• "There simply is no real benefit to the domestic consumer."
• "The hype has been driven by manufacturers and commentators..."
• "33% associate smart metering with higher customer bills, invasion of privacy and health concerns"
 "The second very real and growing issue is that of privacy.  This is exacerbated by the major internet players’ use and misuse of data gathered..."

So, enough with industry propaganda touting "benefits to the consumer". Do not accept lies.

See the magazine pages here and KT Weaver's commentary here

* * *

Flammable 'smart' Meters To Be Moved 3M Away From Propane Tanks

Hydro Quebec has thoughtfully taken it upon themselves to make sure your propane tank doesn't blow up when your 'smart' meter catches fire. How sweet of them.

Be sure to check out their press release to see how chuffed they are with their inspiring mission's progress.

Utilities KNOW that fires are an issue but have been able to sidestep it, thus far. Therefore it is up to everyone who is aware to hold them accountable and liable.

* * *

Wireless Radiation & Your Health

1) 200+ scientists from 38 nations have submitted the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines, since the evidence of harm is now overwhelming. (See also: Dr. Martin Blank's video.) Will this initiative effect change, or will more forceful measures be required?

2) Two weeks ago, the Canadian Medical Association Journal covered the emerging scandal involving Health Canada's Safety Code 6 and its industry-controlled "experts".

3) Last week, The Telegraph (UK) profiled Dr. Erica Mallory-Blythe's compelling research and video on wireless & health. (Predictably, it was followed by this industry propaganda.)

4) In April, The Daily Telegraph (Australia) featured the growing phenomenon of Wi-Fi causing illness at school, and parents pulling their children from wireless classrooms.

5) Congrats to ‪the City of Berkeley (California) in unanimously requiring cellphone retailers to label potential health risks. (See also Kevin Kunze's short film on this proceeding, last Tuesday.)

6) On June 22, the Commonwealth Club (San Francisco, CA) will host another seminal event: Cell Phones & Wireless Technologies: Should Safety Guidelines Be Strengthened?

7) Meanwhile, the CTIA FCC is actually recommending ingestible wireless transmitters. In a post called, "Using Broadband to Get Healthy and Stay Well". Beyond insane.

* * *

Conscious Developments & Good News

1) Barely a week after Tesla's Powerwall battery was announced, it's sold-out to mid-2016. The drive to be self-sufficient is exponentially increasing.

2) This latest issue of Science to Sage magazine is on a topic that gives life to us all... water. My article on 'smart' water meters and the state of "manufactured lack" is on page 87.

3) On April 23, Montana Governor Steve Bullock signed a law protecting his state's law enforcement from being converted into an arm of a federal police force.

4) Hemp is a truly renewable resource for clothing, housing, paper, fuel, plastics, food (seed), oil (anti-cancer), milk, chemical cleanup, and now... airplanes. No wonder the corporate-government complex banned it in 1937!

5) Last week, Washington state voted unanimously to pass a bill which limits Stingray surveillance. This is encouraging, and also indicates most legislators still need to know the truth about 'smart' meters - and likewise be held to account.

* * *
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