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Exposure to electromagnetic fields, mercury release and adverse health effects

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On May 19th, Dr. Mortazavi made the following presentation which has important implications for the health of pregnant women and individuals with electromagnetic hypersensitivity at The 5th Congress of the Paris Appeal, "Environmental idiopathic intolerance: what role for EMFs and multiple chemicals?," in Brussels, Belgium.

Dr. Mortazavi is one of the 205 scientists who conduct research on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on biology or health that signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal.  This petition signed by experts from 40 nations is a wake-up call to world leaders about the risks of EMF exposure produced by electrical and wireless devices.

The EMF Appeal was delivered to the United Nations and the World Health Organization on May 11th. Dr. Magda Havas presented the EMF Appeal at the 5th Congress in Brussels on May 19th. Links to 45 major news stories in covering theAppeal in 20 nations can be found at
A related recent policy development was the adoption of a cell phone radiation safety ordinance by the City of Berkeley,California on May 12th. Berkeley will soon become the only city in the U.S. to require cell phone retailers to provide cell phone radiation safety information to consumers.

The Berkeley ordinance has generated more than 60 news stories to date, 25 since its adoption. Although much of the media coverage has been California-based, the story has been reported in The Guardian in the UK and by CTV in Canada. The wireless industry has also reported on the ordinance, including the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association and the GSMA in London.


Exposure to electromagnetic fields, mercury release and adverse health effects 

SMJ Mortazavi & Ghazal Mortazvi. Increased Mercury Release from Dental Almagam Restorations after Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields as a Potential Hazard for Hypersensitive People and Pregnant Women. The 5th Congress of the Paris Appeal, Royal Academy of Medicine, Belgium. May 18 2015


Over the past decades, the use of common sources of electromagnetic fields such as Wi-Fi routers and mobile phones has been increased enormously all over the world. There is ongoing concern that exposure to electromagnetic fields can lead to adverse health effects. It has recently been shown that even low doses of mercury may cause toxicity. Therefore, efforts are initiated to phase down or eliminate the use of mercury amalgam in dental restorations. Increased release of mercury from dental amalgam restorations after exposure to electromagnetic fields such as those generated by MRI and mobile phones has been reported by our team and other researchers.

We have recently shown that some of the papers which reported no increased release of mercury after MRI, may have some methodological errors. Although it was previously believed that the amount of mercury released from dental amalgam cannot be hazardous, new findings indicate that mercury, even at low doses, may cause toxicity. Based on recent epidemiological findings, it can be claimed that the safety of mercury released from dental amalgam fillings is questionable. Therefore, as some individuals tend to be hypersensitive to the toxic effects of mercury, regulatory authorities should re-assess the safety of exposure to electromagnetic fields in individuals with amalgam restorations.

On the other hand, we have reported that increased mercury release after exposure to electromagnetic fields may be risky for the pregnant women. It is worth mentioning that as a strong positive correlation between maternal and cord blood mercury levels has been found in some studies, our findings regarding the effect of exposure to electromagnetic fields on the release of mercury from dental amalgam fillings lead us to this conclusion that pregnant women with dental amalgam fillings should limit their exposure to electromagnetic fields to prevent toxic effects of mercury in their foetuses.

Based on these findings, as infants and children are more vulnerable to mercury exposures, and as some individuals are routinely exposed to different sources of electromagnetic fields, we possibly need a paradigm shift in evaluating the health effects of amalgam fillings.
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