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The California Medical Association Wireless Resolution

The California Medical Association Wireless Resolution

Please send the resolution below to people you know in the medical field.  

All medical groups should be adopting similar resolutions and working on figuring out what precautionary levels should look like.  Setting safety limits should not be left to engineers as has been done for the last 60+ years.  The FCC must adopt safety limits recommended by a qualified organization so medical organizations have the potential to have a huge influence - their recommendations could be the ones adopted.  Previously the only organizations involved in making recommendations were engineering organizations.  There is certainly enough information about non-thermal biological effects to set initial precautionary limits almost immediately so that public health and safety are better protected.  Then, a review of additional research can be completed every couple of years and the levels adjusted again as more data becomes available.  

In the meantime, hospitals, clinics, and medical care facilities should become wireless-free zones since they serve a population that is far more vulnerable to environmental pollution because their health is already compromised in some manner.

C4ST has been successful getting action in Canada.  "(T)he Parliamentary Health Committee (HESA) voted on Feb 24th, 2015 to support the motion from Liberal Health Critic MP Dr. Hedy Fry to host 3 days of hearings on Safety Code 6. The 10 member Health Committee is empowered to study and report on all matters relating to the mandate, management, and operation of Health Canada."  Please see to find out more and sign up to receive their updates so you can help push the committee if C4ST needs support.  It is worth visiting their website ( just so you can see the many areas in which they are making progress.  Perhaps you will be able to use their successes to spur change in your community. 

Take a moment to visit my page about why life insurance companies should really be concerned about the proliferation of wireless technology and electrically polluting technologies,  Please pass this information on to life and health insurance companies in your area.


The California Medical Association Wireless Resolution

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California Medical Association

House of Delegates Resolution Wireless Standards Reevaluation 2014


                               CMA 2014   HOD Resolutions Adopted

                                                 Resolution 107- 14

                                          Date Adopted Dec 7, 2014

Resolved 1    That CMA supports efforts to reevaluate microwave safety exposure levels associated with wireless communication devices, including consideration of adverse non-thermal biologic and health effects from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation used in wireless communications; and be it further
Resolved 2    That CMA support efforts to implement new safety exposure limits for wireless devices to levels that do not cause human or environmental harm based on scientific research.
Wireless Communications Public Safety Standards Reevaluation
Introduced by Cindy Lee Russell, M.D. AND Ken Yew, M.D.  
Whereas there are over 6 billion active cell phones worldwide and dependence of wireless communication networks is rapidly expanding including cell phones, cell towers, wireless routers for home use, medical devices and utility smart meters; and (1)
Whereas scientists are increasingly identifying EMF from wireless devices as a new form of environmental pollution with a growing body of peer reviewed scientific evidence finding significant adverse health and biologic effects on living organisms with exposure to low levels of non-ionizing microwaves currently approved and used in wireless communication, and
Whereas peer reviewed research has demonstrated adverse biological effects of wireless EMF including single and double stranded DNA breaks, creation of reactive oxygen species, immune dysfunction, cognitive processing effects, stress protein synthesis in the brain, altered brain development, sleep and memory disturbances, ADHD, abnormal behavior, sperm dysfunction, and brain tumors; and  (2-55)
Whereas there is a long latency period of years to decades to study and identify adverse health effects such as brain cancer, neurodegenerative damage and autism; and
Whereas children’s brains are developmentally immature until adolescence, their skulls are thinner and the brain is considerably more vulnerable to toxin exposure , and (23,24)
Whereas the World Health Organization in 2011 designated wireless communications including cell phones to be a possible carcinogenic, and (63)
Whereas many scientists, researchers, public health officials and agencies conclude that wireless electromagnetic frequency (EMF) standards established by the Federal Communications Commission are outdated as they are based only on heat effects which damage to the organism and not biological effects of non –ionizing EMF microwave radiation which are scientifically demonstrated at levels hundreds of times less than current safety exposure limits and thus current standards are  inadequate to protect public health; and (49-51)(57)
Whereas the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2013 has asked for reassessment of  exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields limits and policies  that  protect children’s health and well-being  throughout their lifetimes and reflect current use patterns (58)
RESOLVED; that the CMA understands that  existing public safety limits for microwave EMF devices are outdated and inadequate to protect public health  thus endorses efforts of the Federal Communications Commission to reevaluate its safety standards to include consideration of adverse non thermal biologic and health effects from non ionizing electromagnetic radiation used in wireless communications; and be it further
RESOLVED; that the CMA supports efforts to implement microwave safety exposure limits to levels that do not cause human or environmental harm based on scientific research, and be it further
RESOLVED; that the CMA set up a task force to determine adequate precautionary recommendations for the use of cell phones and wireless devices for schools and children
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Protecting my health and that of others by using a hardwired computer in a low RF environment.  For more information, see

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