Monday, May 04, 2015

Healing Earth Refuge Application

Healing Earth Refuge Application

I've completed a universal, generic application for creating a refuge for environmental sensitivities. You can share this information if you like.

I did speak with someone about coordinating a government-supported EI development, but that would take much longer and is less controllable in terms of development. If that happens, it would be much later.

Posting below.

Kirstin Beatty

I am now posting an application for Healing Earth Refuge. This is a coordination project, and information is located on the website as follows:

General Information on Refuge: 
Click on "About Us" which is on the left side of the page in the link above. 

From the application process introduction:

The following is the beginning step in coordinating Healing Earth Refuge, with locations initially in the Northwest and Northeast. Massachusetts will likely have the first NE location. If these refuges appear successful, then locations outside the USA will be examined at a later date.

Application does not insure a spot, as this depends on what can be coordinated and where, but efforts will be made to insure good placements. Review will also involve follow-up questions, references, and other steps to ascertain safety for all members. Review will take time and only serious applicants are wanted, so a minimum fee of $25 for this service is required which will be utilized to insure there is time to review the applications and coordinate, as well as paying for small items and needs. If wishing to apply but able to pay only a partial fee, you may send an application for consideration, with explanation regarding inability to pay. The work put into this is considerable, hence the fee. 
This is only an initial application, such that if the application appears suitable for a refuge location, there will be discussions, conversations, further questions to insure a match, and additional documentation may be requested. 

More information is available on the site.

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