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Cell phone radiation levels Human Fetus Protein abnormalities

Reproduction Study: Cell phone radiation levels Human Fetus Protein abnormalities

Date: May 4 2015 00:31:33 UTC−4

Hi Andre,

May be Interest to your email subscribers. Full text Study on Human Fetus protein abnormalities from Cell phone power level exposures.

 To be noted under 'Exposure system' section. Even though then lower range of  SAR exposure was in line with cell phone exposure, 1W/kg, the corresponding power density was 1mw/cm2, upper limits of US exposure standards, rather high by most standards. May suggest SARs not a good metric for human exposure studies. Along that line, the sham controls had a power density of .01mw/cm2 to .1mw/cm2 - extremely high in itself, much higher than any smart meter or wifi router.  I am disappointed the study did not find problems with sham controls as well. 

This points to a desperate need for all studies to include power density readings alongside of SAR calculations, since most of us now own RF meters and are becoming familiar how we feel at different readings. . 

Another interesting aspect of study is human pregnant women were used in the study because they had all desired to have an abortion in first trimester. A research recruitment situation that would probably never arise in most western countries especially the US 

Evelyn Savarin

Proteomic Analysis on the Alteration of Protein Expressi...
To explore the possible adverse effects and search for cell phone electromagnetic field (EMF)-responsive proteins in human early reproduction, a proteomics approach...

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