Friday, May 08, 2015

China Eastern Airlines: "No WiFi"

China Eastern Airlines: "No WiFi"


I flew China Eastern from San Francisco to Shanghai, PRC, and then from Shanghai to Nagoya, Japan. The planes were new and modern. The seats had a wide birth -- i.e. plenty of room. The meals were decent. The airline hosts and hostesses were extremely pleasant. And they had "No WiFi." Yes, "No WiFi." It is not a good idea to turn a plane into a large microwave oven by having a WiFi (or should I say Why Fry) system inside of it. Whenever I have flown on airplanes with WiFi, I have gotten extremely sick and felt I needed at least a week to recover from the stupid ordeal. And now they are putting this shit in cars! Another brilliantly stupid idea!
With China's growth at an all time high, Shanghai is modernising rapidly and is widely recognised as China's commercial capital. China Eastern Airlines is one of the top three airlines in China, and also has flights to a number of other key destinations in Europe, Asia and Australia. So whether you're heading to Shanghai itself, elsewhere in China, or on to other continental destinations, flying with China Eastern makes sense.
China Eastern Airlines together with its franchises and codeshare partners flies to more than 100 destinations worldwide. In co-operation with Delta Air Lines, Air France, British Airways, Qantas and Cathay Pacific, we offer you a network of over 300 destinations. 

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