Thursday, February 05, 2015

Wi-Fi'ed reststops on highway in NY

Wi-Fi'ed reststops on highway in NY

From Deborah Kopald

The New York State Thruway has Wi-Fi'ed the rest stops.

People with EHS cannot access the rest stops- even for the bathroom- and must leave the highway and find a gas station rest stop, generally.

The Thruway could confine the Wi-Fi to a portion- where the food court is with foil-backed drywall to confine the Wi-Fi per the 2005 Access  Board guidelines so that ppl with EHS could USE the restrooms and not have the Thruway interfering with their constitutional right to travel.

write to

US Thruway
attn: equal opportunity
200 Southern Blvd
Albany NY 12209

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