Friday, February 06, 2015

La Quinta, CA Middle School Cancer Continues

La Quinta, CA Middle School Cancer Continues

Between 2004-2007 Sam Milham and Lloyd Morgan were involved in the La Quinta, CA middle school teacher cancer cluster issue. They determined there were high levels of high frequency voltage transients in many of the classrooms. Raymond Neutra of the CDPH agreed but 6 weeks later changed his tune after going to his "advisory" committee. 

The case was closed in 2007 when the uncooperative Superintendent send out a press release stating the school received a clean bill of health from the CDPH. Not entirely true as they did say the cancers were not by chance and unexplained.

I recently moved to the area and had a dirty electricity issue in my own home. Sam helped me through it as he lives near me. He then told me how past students from the school were now reporting cancers. ​I began investigating this and many are now surfacing. We have taken this to local media and hope it will get picked up nationally. We are also working with students and teachers to get to the bottom of this once and for all. We want all student and teacher names to be run through the CA Cancer Registry - we want filters installed and if they want to find the source they should do so. Of course there is major opposition to this. 

The school district is still uncooperative and just wishes we would go away. Now that we have teachers and students with cancer that will not happen!!!

Sam wrote about this school in his book "Dirty Electricity". Unfortunately the saga continues. 

Ellie Marks
CA Brain Tumor Association

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