Thursday, February 05, 2015

Wi-Fi payphones/kiosks LAWSUIT

Wi-Fi payphones/kiosks LAWSUIT

Dear All,

At this point trying to reason with the NYC Council is a waste of time - we don't have the manpower to put pressure on them to schedule a hearing.

If people can send people my way in NYC/ metro NY area with EHS - or really anyone with EHS that has reason to go to NYC who are willing to sign on to a lawsuit, I'll write up a complaint to ask for an injunction.

The HRL (Human Rights Law) also covers people with just about any medical condition, so anyone with a doctor's letters saying they should avoid RF could also be a plaintiff.

If no one is willing to publicly ID themselves, then a lawsuit can't be done.  I would respectfully ask people to consider the trade off between privacy and the need to make a stand against this scheme which is an affront to human dignity and the overall wellbeing of the public's health.

thanks for your consideration,

Deborah Kopald

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