Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update to letter of notice —Richard Adams

Update to letter of notice —Richard Adams



Please see attached latest update to the letter of notice.  My colleague and I are thrilled with the global support received and wish to thank you all for your support. 

This is an important letter as we can demonstrate that Richard Adams was given information, research and details highlighting conflicts of interest and yet continued to drive the counter-opinion through. It can also be used in the future if he continues to drive the smart meter programme forward in the UK and other European countries as he will not be able to stand in a court of law in the future and say that he didn’t know.

My colleague Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe and I are also meeting with the Director for the EU Commission soon and can present him with a copy of this letter with organisations throughout the world supporting it. It can therefore be used to encourage the EU Commission to order a new opinion by the EESC.  A demand from the EU Commission for a new opinion to be debated and formed by the EESC would carry more weight.

I am still gathering support before emailing it to Mr Adams and UK EESC members tomorrow. It will also be made available on the RRT website and you are all welcome to do the same tomorrow.

Please check that I’ve listed your name, website link, organisation and country correctly.

Thanks again for your tremendous support.

Kind regards,

Eileen O’Connor
EM Radiation Research Trust
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Subject: Update to letter of notice - Richard Adams

Please see updated list of support and please let me know if your organisation is missing?

I wish to thank you all very much for your support, the list of organisations adds more strength to this letter.  I’ve attached the updated letter. We will serve the letter on 16th February, so keeping it off line until then, but please share with any groups that are missing and invite them to join us.  

See list of supporting organisations below.

Best wishes,

The letter of notice is supported by:

American Association for cell phone safety

AMICA Association for Chronic Toxic and Environmental Injury  Italy 

Bemri UK

Beneficial environments UK

Beperk de Straling (‘Limit the Radiation’) Belgium

Campaign for Radiation Free Schools  USA

Cavi Society UK
Citizens for radiation free community USA
Citizens for Safe Technology Canada

Citizens´ Radiation Protection Norway
EHS Association of Electrosensitives, (, Denmark
Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc. USA 
Electrosensibles Derecho Salud
EMFacts Consultancy  Australia
EM Radiation Research Trust UK

ES Teachers (UK) 

Friends of Merrymeeting Bay, Maine, USA

Interconnections UK

International EMF Alliance

Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, Maine, USA

Mast Sanity UK

Mast Victims UK

Plataforma Estatal Contra la Contaminación Electromagnética (PECCEM) [State Platform Against Electromagnetic Pollution]. Spain.

Powerwatch UK

Radiation Protection Foundation Sweden

Retenoelettrosmog – Italy


StopUMTS  Netherlands

Teslabel France
The Peoples Initiative USA
WEEP - The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution  Canada

Wired Child UK 

Eileen O’Connor
EM Radiation Research Trust
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