Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Environmental Sensitivities Symposium

Join Us For the Environmental Sensitivities Symposium

Having environmental sensitivities (ES) myself and working with clients who do, I know how isolating, debilitating and sometimes even depressing, it can be.

My passion and purpose is to help you and provide as many resources as I can to assist you in knowing there’s real help to manage your environment and opportunities to thrive right where you are.

I want to:
  1. Create a community and bridge the gaps of isolation;
  2. Share great information with you to help you make progress; and
  3. Make a difference in as many lives as possible.
I have gathered together over 20 thought-leaders from all around our globe who share my passion in caring about people who have environmental sensitivities. Each one is committed to their work and openly shares their insights, expertise and guidance with you.
Whether you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Lyme disease, Biotoxin-Related Illnesses, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Learning Disorders or Food Intolerances, we have something for each of you.
What is more, as well as just sharing knowledge, I have sought out speakers who can share strategies and new perspectives with you so that you can take action and improve your health and life.
Wouldn’t it be nice to get out into the world without being affected?
How great would it be if you could return to your work and hobbies?
Isn’t it time that your life was richer, fuller and happier?
This is exactly WHY the Environmental Sensitivities Symposium exists.
Everyone can access it.
How? Right here on the internet. We will have 8 days jam-packed with great information, the replays will be available, there will be live question and answer sessions AND for those who are electrically hypersensitive, there is a book of all the presentations, articles and more.
There are upgrades too, that allow you to have longer access to the sessions, as well as some fantastic bonuses… Read on for more details.
And guess what? Because the Environmental Sensitivities Symposium is a not-for-profit event, proceeds go to the following charities:
This event is about our community – the information is for us, funds raised go to charities that support us, and many of the speakers have a personal insight into environmental sensitivities.
So, please join us…
Although you can participate online for FREE, here are the upgrades that you may like to consider because they have such great extras and bonuses.
- See more at: http://ecohealthsolutions.com.au/symposium/#sthash.G74l1iL1.dpuf

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