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Idiopathic environmental intolerance: What role for electromagnetic fields and chemicals?

Idiopathic environmental intolerance: What role for electromagnetic fields and chemicals? 

A focus on electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)

18 and May 19, 2015

Fifth Symposium of the Paris Appeal
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This fifth conference of the Paris Appeal will be entitled:

Idiopathic environmental intolerance: what role for electromagnetic fields and multiple chemicals?

The symposium will be held on 18 and 19 May 2015 in the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine in Brussels, with as main organizers ARTAC the ECERI and the ISDE.
We are also supported by the Foundation For A Terre Humaine (also present at the 4th Symposium).

This international scientific conference, the first to be held in Europe on this subject, aims to bring together leading researchers and scholars to advance knowledge on the mechanisms of these diseases and to establish their relationship to environmental factors that both electromagnetic fields or chemicals. The objective is thereby to recognize these two syndromes by WHO for integration into the international classification of diseases.
It will be followed by a seminar of Environmental Medicine, addressing the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of these environmental diseases, from various European experiences.

Speakers include:
Igor Belyaev, Head, Laboratory of Radiobiology, Cancer Research Institute, Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Dominique Belpomme, Professor in Oncology, Paris Descartes University, France

David Carpenter, Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, University at Albany, Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, USA

Lennart Hardell, Epidemiologist, Professor at Örebro University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden

Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University, Canada

Jean Huss, Honorary member of the Luxembourg Parliament and of the European Council Parliament, founder of the AKUT NGO, Luxembourg

Peter Jennrich, M.D, Würzburg, Germany

Olle Johansson, Neuroscientist, Professor in Experimental Dermatology, Department of Neuroscience, at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Michael Kundi, Professor, Medical University Vienna, Center for Public Health, Institute of Environmental Health, Austria

Pierre Le Ruz, PhD in Animal Physiology, European expert in electromagnetic pollution and radioprotection, France

Claudia Miller, Professor in Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Vice-Chair of the  Department of Family and Community Medicine of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, USA

Joachim Mutter, Environmental Health Center, Konstance, Germany

Maria Neira, Director, Public Health and the Environment Department, World Health Organisation

William Rea, M.D., Thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon founder and director of the Environmental Health Center (EHC-D), Dallas, USA

Cindy Sage, MA, Co-Editor, BioInitiative Reports, USA

André Vander Vorst, Professor Emeritus Microwave Laboratory UCL, Belgium

The program and the link to register for the fifth symposium will soon be online.

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