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Bioresonance : healing with waves

Bioresonance : healing with waves

 | 24 février 2015

Bioresonance neutralizes pollutant which overload the body and repair the damages they cause. © Regumed
Bioresonance neutralizes pollutant which overload the body and repair the damages they cause. © Regumed
(Version française d’origine : La biorésonance : guérir par les ondes)
Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can harm or heal depending on their frequency, power and length of exposure, say Russian doctors who use them daily in their hospitals since the 1970s. An Ontario woman who suffered for years before discovering a bioresonance therapist in Montreal testifies to this.
Hypersensitive to the environment, Linda Nolan was seriously ill for more than two decades. A professional interior designer since 1975, the Ottawa resident suffered from Lyme disease, a severe inflammatory infection caused by bacteria transmitted by certain ticks that can carry more than one disease (referred to as co-infections). This disease seriously compromises the immune system, a condition which opens the door to many other infections. Linda constantly experienced severe joint and muscle pain and heart palpitations and had difficulty walking or even going about her daily activities. She had to adopt a strict Paleolithic diet (rich in protein and low in carbohydrates) and followed a host of other treatments, especially prescribed and administered by Dr Jennifer Armstrong, an Ottawa-based environmental physician. ‘’Dr. Armstrong is a lifeline for lyme patients and was very helpful, especially with accessing the right labs to diagnose the infections. Blood tests were even sent to the Mayo Clinic and Infectolab in Germany. My problem was that I could not tolerate the antibiotics required to fight my infections.  I would take one antibiotic to beat down the lyme and another infection would try to take over. », she says.
Then she discovered a treatment that changed her life: bioresonance. This therapy, which involves recording and changing the disturbed electromagnetic waves emitted by sick body cells using a specially designed machine, has been used for decades in quantum medicine. It is used to treat a host of ailments, from allergies to digestive problems and ironically even electrohypersensitivity, according to the biologist Roger Coghill who advises the UK Department of Health in matters of electrosmog. Last summer, Linda began consulting naturopath and acupuncturist Victor Spektor, who has practiced this therapy for 13 years. The Montrealer of Russian origin’s reputation goes far beyond the borders of Quebec – some of his patients come from as far away as California to receive treatment.
Victor Spektor performs a biophysical test detecting the electric signature of pollutants in a patient’s body.
« Since I started my treatment on June 24 2014, my health has greatly improved », Linda told me. ‘’My Lyme disease and Lyme co-infections have disappeared along with the many other viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections that destroyed my health and quality of life. It’s been over 20 years since I have felt so good. My heart is now normal and I have a return of energy. Formerly it was hell during each full moon, but now I do not notice the changes of lunar cycles. I used to have severe, painful inflammation in my muscles and joints and I was very close to ending my life in a wheelchair! But my pain level decreased dramatically. I am feeling amazing now. My environmental sensitivities have greatly improved.  Victor has also desensitized me to gluten, dairy and many other foods. I can now eat and drink things that I have not had in decades! I am eternally grateful to Victor for helping me to return to this level of health. »
A specialty of Russian hospitals
The Russians have long been aware of the harmful effects of chronic exposure to low doses of non ionising radiation. As everything is energy in our world, and humankind evolved within a naturel electromagnetic environment, it is only logical that the medicine of the future will use carefully dosed electromagnetic fields. Unknown in America, but used for many years in Europe and Asia, electromagnetic medicine is practiced daily in Russian hospitals. Russia has made it a national specialty and its researchers have developed various devices and techniques since the 1970s. One of the pioneers of bio-electromagnetic science is neurologist Yuri Khodolov, head of the Institute of Higher Nervous System in Moscow, where this field has been studied since 1966. « We can heal everything and destroy everything with a magnetic field, depending on the frequency and power, » he told French reporter Jean-Pierre Lentin, author of the book Ces ondes qui tuent, ces ondes qui guérissent (These waves that kill, these waves that heal, Albin Michel Publishing, 2001). This is why EMF therapy can even help people who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF).
As noted by Jean-Pierre Lentin in his book, cardiologist Natalya Lebedeva, another top Moscow expert on the subject, has organized international conferences on this topic since 1991. Lentin first shared the results of his investigation in a report broadcast on the French TV channel Arte, and in 2013 in a conference broadcast on Youtube. His book was recommended to me by my colleague Michel Rochon, science reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation French-language television network in Montreal. Michel previously interviewed various European EMF experts for reports he did on electrohypersensitivity and cellphone risks when he worked for the Decouverte TV show. He described Lentin’s book as, « a classic » on precious Russian science previously unknown to Westerners.
Jean-Pierre Lentin.
Jean-Pierre Lentin.
Electromagnetic medicine had its heyday in the West from 1880 to 1920. Lentin wrote that is decline began in 1910 when the American Medical Association, under the influence of oil baron and pharmaceutical mogul John D. Rockefeller, forbade doctors from studying and performing various forms of energy medicine.
I was introduced to Victor Spektor by one of Canada’s authorities on electrosmog dangers, Professor Magda Havas, who teaches the topic at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. « Everyone I know who has consulted Victor has benefited from his therapeutic approach », she said. ‘’In the case of a child in my family who had a severe phobia, the improvement was rapid and miraculous after just three treatments. »
Bioresonance 101
Victor Spektor explains that bioresonance therapy stimulates our cells to combat various ailments including fatigue, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, colitis as well as neurological, circulation, metabolic and hormonal problems. He says it is particularly effective against skin problems that often affect children with food allergies. « After a few weeks of Bioresonance therapy, most of these children will see their skin heal without cortisone cream and they can once again eat whatever they like. »
The Bicom 2000 bioresonance machine
The BICOM 2000 bioresonance machine
Bioresonance differs from « millimeter therapy » used by Russian doctors, who use very high radiofrequency microwaves (30 to 300 Gigahertz). Victor Spektor’s treatment is performed with the BICOM 2000 machine which has been manufactured by Regumed in Germany since 1987. This device emits waves of low frequencies ranging from 10 Hertz to 150 kilohertz. « We do not electrify the body », he says. ‘’The waves rather carry information to the cell, as in homeopathy. »
Jean-Pierre Lentin wrote that bioresonance therapy « is not recognized in conventional medicine, but it is not underground. In Germany, it has the special legal status granted to alternative medicines. « Health practitioners » (Heilpraktiker) have their own regulatory bodies and devices are officially approved. Everyone of Regumed’s website pages state: « Just as with homeopathy, acupuncture and other complementary therapy methods, BICOM bioresonance is a form of regulative medicine. In complementary medicine, BICOM bioresonance therapy is recognized as an effective and proven method. In conventional medicine, however, it has not been the subject of scientific research and is therefore not yet approved. »
According to Wikipedia, this field of research, which is seldom covered in peer-reviewed scientific journals, « did not show effects above that of the placebo effect ». The BICOM 2000 has nonetheless been the subject of various scientific communications, as in this article by Polish doctors published in April 2004 in the Journal of Complementary Medicine. A Chinese article reported a 93% success rate in treating of asthma at the Jinan Hospital for children, and a second article by the same author relating to the treatment of skin allergies documented a success rate of 89.9 %.
Action mechanism
The BICOM 2000 bioresonance machine detects and uses the information conveyed by the various electromagnetic frequencies produced by the body. Resonating means « to tune in ». The therapy’s purpose is to restore the body’s electric harmony.
Cells communicate with each other by emitting subtle electrical signals of light called biophotons. All cells constantly transmit and receive such specific measurable biofrequencies in and around the body. Generated by DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), they trigger and mirror cellular chemical processes which maintain our biological balance.
Healthy cells emit harmonious signals © Regumed
Healthy cells emit harmonious signals © Regumed
According to Regumed, the BICOM 2000 is used by health professionals, including medical doctors and veterinarians, in nearly 60 countries. Here is how the manufacturer describes its operation :
Healthy cells emit harmonious signals through the pores in their membranes and they resonate freely with those of other cells. In other words, they emit balanced oscillations or vibrations and also respond positively to those harmonious vibrations they receive.
Pathogens distorting the healthy signals include chemical pollutants, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, ionizing or non-ionizing radiation, mercury from dental amalgam fillings and other heavy metals, allergens, traumatic emotions, etc. These agressors trigger electromagnetic interference or measurable pathogenic frequencies that create a variety of non-specific biological imbalances. Poor cell performance can lead to chronic fatigue and ultimately organic changes and related symptoms.
The distorted signal emitted by a damaged cell is a combination of its original balanced signal and the harmonic distortion which is a trace electrical signature left by a fungus, bacteria or other pathogen. A hand-held electrode enables the BICOM 2000 to measures this combined signal.
In the presence of pathogens, the electrical quality (or frequency) of intracellular communication is distorted. © Regumed
In the presence of pathogens, the electrical quality (or frequency) of intracellular communication is distorted. © Regumed
After finding the right frequency like when tuning to a radio station, the device returns — or mirrors — the combined signal to the body to trigger its balancing mechanisms and help it neutralize pathogens. In sum, the interference is reprogrammed so that the cell can regain its harmony. The BICOM 2000 can also generate specific vibrations that stimulate the immune system to help the body heal. It « can analyze the rotating power of blood, measure dental electricity and test the biocompatibility of medication. The practitioner can also establish a finely customized settings by adjusting frequencies, amplifications, signal depreciations and by optional addition of pulsed magnetic fields which are a feature of this treatment system. »
Each BICOM bioresonance session lasts between two to three hours: the device covers the frequency band from 10 Hz to 150 kHz. The waves emitted by different programs target specific problems and each session lasts between one and thirty minutes. Sessions are typically weekly. Victor Spektor charges $120 for the first session which includes the biophysical test and $100 for subsequent sessions. The patient sits up and places a little « modulation carpet » attached to BICOM 2000 on the thighs, intestines or stomach and sometimes has an electrode placed at the back of the neck. For certain programs, one or two bare feet are placed on a copper plate attached to the unit. These input and output electrodes create a biocybernetic circuit with the body.
In the presence of pathogens, the electrical quality (or frequency) of intracellular communication is distorted. © Regumed
The bioresonance treatment helps cells recover their original electrical  balance to repel pathogens and repair the damages they caused. © Regumed
Victor Spektor also studied « biophysical analysis’ with a divining rod (see how he uses it in this video) for two years in Germany, at Regumed’s Institute for Regulatory Medicine where he also learned to practice bioresonance therapy with the BICOM 2000. At the beginning of each session, this quick test enables him to determine the main problem manifested by the body which should be treated that day, and to check the effectiveness of the treatment afterwards.
Russian physician Dr Natalia Lebedeva told Jean-Pierre Lentin that electromagnetic medicine has the advantage of being very cheap and safe. In his book published in 2001, she stated that when applied in the right dose and frequency by experienced therapists, « after 36 years of experience in Russia, we are certain that millimeter waves [as used in treatments] can have no harmful side effects, and there are no contraindication to their use. It is a non-invasive therapy, much better tolerated than drugs – and sometimes it acts where no drug really helps. »
Regumed also says bioresonace therapy is safe and without side effects. The German company only advises against it during the first trimester of pregnancy and if a person has haemophilia or bleeds easily because it increases circulation. It also recommends spacing treatments between five to seven days for chronic-care patients but that people who are in an acute phase of certain diseases can be treated daily.
Live blood test done in 2013, before Linda Nolan began her bioresonance therapy: her red blood cells were deformed and clustered, a sign of poor health. After six months of bioresonance therapy, Linda Nolan's blood had regained its normal healthy characteristics.
Live blood test done in 2013, before Linda Nolan began her bioresonance therapy: her red blood cells were deformed and clustered, a sign of poor health.
However, each person reacts differently, and some patients have unique reactions. Linda Nolan says bioresonance temporarily worsened her environmental sensitivities by over-stimulating her immune system. While she still has several health problems, she now recommends Victor Spektor to her friends and family without hesitation. « My immune system was suppressed for years and then bounced back 180 degrees. It has calmed down now and I realize that the temporary reactions were worthwhile. I was not an easy patient because I had so many health problems to treat, but Victor continued to work with me to develop programs aimed at my specific health problems », she said. ‘’I am very grateful to him. I owe my life to him. Victor goes far beyond the basic BICOM treatment. He developed his own personal treatment protocols. The BICOM 2000 unit comes with 200 basic programs, but Victor has written an additional 1,200. He also does energy testing with a wand to determine which program is needed at a specific time. He taught his method to a class of masters in Athens, Greece. »
« Some people who are hypersensitive are difficult cases such as we see in one in a thousand », Victor Spektor says. ‘’Often they have acquired genetic weaknesses that make them more susceptible to infections that attack the body’s weaker organs, and repeated infections can cause permanent damage. For example, repeated fungal infections can attack the nervous system. »
After six months of bioresonance therapy, Linda Nolan's blood had regained its normal healthy characteristics.
After six months of bioresonance therapy, Linda Nolan’s blood had regained its normal healthy characteristics.
Magda Havas says most people who are hypersensitive to chemicals and to electromagnetic fields undergo years of ongoing stress that depletes their adrenal glands. « They notably need vitamin B12 and magnesium. Epsom salt baths seem to help some of them too. »
The final word is from 85-year-old California businessman Burton Goldberg, an expert in alternative treatments for cancer and other chronic diseases for more than 40 years. The two-time cancer survivor has consulted with Victor Spektor for two years. « Victor is not perfect, but he is a great healer. My girlfriend was born with allergies to all fruits and he eliminated all of them. It’s pretty amazing. »

For more informationVictor Spektor: (514) 808-0101 linkedin.com/pub/victor-spektor/45/a80/308
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