Monday, December 08, 2014

Lennart Hardell Supports Having IARC, WHO Move Radio-Frequency Radiation from Class 2b to Class 1

From: Lennart Hardell
Date: Dec. 8 2014 09:21:15 UTC−5

I think that this deserves to be supported!

Best wishes,
Lennart Hardell

Here's the petition:

IARC, WHO: Move Radio Frequency Radiation from Class 2b to Class 1 

Stop downplaying the health effects and cancer risks from RF EMF radiation! Please move Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from Class 2b "Possible Human Carcinogen" to Class 1, "Carcinogenic to Humans" now! There is enough cancer, illness and death around the world due to these emissions in addition to an overwhelming body of science showing cancer amongst other very serious health effects, all from this ubiquitously propagated but deadly RF radiation to warrant this increase in classification! Stop playing with the planet's health and life!! Move this radiation to Class 1 now!

"Due to the relationship with survival the classification of IARC is strengthened and RF-EMF should be regarded as human carcinogen requiring urgent revision of current exposure guidelines." Dr. Lennart Hardell, Swedish Oncologist, MD PhD, Orebro University Hospital, Orebro, Sweden and

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