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Electronic Black Plague - my letter to the editor

Thu Dec 4, 2014 4:19 pm (PST) . Posted by: "Jenny Miller"  

In response to this article in the Chico News and Review.

In general, i think your reporter did an excellent job in the article "Meter Maladies."  As a former resident of Paradise, CA, i wanted to add a bit about my own experience.  I had an elderly golden retriever who was in remarkably good health, as a result of my giving her home-cooked organic food and supplements.  Within weeks after the installation of a smart meter (at the time i had no idea what a smart meter was, or any health problems associated with them) my dog started exhibiting such extreme pain and symptoms of disability that i had to have her put down.  I know of someone in a nearby town, the housemate of a friend, who despite her very advanced years was managing to hang on and enjoy some quality of life. Within a week after the smart meter was installed she was dead. 

Some years later i had moved to Santa Rosa, CA.  I lived in a cottage complex, and i had opted out of having a smart meter, even though the meter for my cottage was not located directly on my cottage, but with a collection of other meters a few cottages away.  By then i understood that the health-destroying effects of the meter's pulsations were carried though the wiring into my living space.  (True for "smart" gas and water meters too, since the pulsations are carried through the pipes.) One of my neighbors, a seemingly healthy man in his forties who was doing work in construction, died suddenly in his sleep.  He had five smart meters located on the side of his small cottage.

I noted with interest the PG and E representative in the article who said categorically that smart meters do not cause fires.  Recently 70,000 smart meters in Portland, OR were recalled as being potential fire hazards.  When i attended a CPUC hearing a couple of years ago re reconsideration of the California smart meter opt out program (this one was held in Santa Rosa), a PG and E installer testified that he noticed a large number of fires being caused by the smart meters.  When he cautioned his superiors about this frightening problem, he was, of course, fired.  You can see his testimony for yourself in the brilliant, multi-award- winning documentary called "Take Back Your Power"(at  At all of the CPUC opt out hearings held throughout California, the rooms were packed with citizens testifying about having their health destroyed (and in some cases having to sleep in  their cars) as a result of the woefully mis-named smart meters. It's not just the meters which are impacting our health.  Cell phone towers are causing people to die like flies in the immediate vicinity of the towers.  (See the above mentioned film for more info about these "cancer clusters.")

Want scientific proof of the health effects?  As the article mentioned, there are hundreds of peer reviewed articles in the Bioinitiative Report (, as well as the websites for the CA Safety Coalition and stopsmartmeters.  The sad part is, we don't NEED wi fi for fast internet.  Ethernet and DSL are often just as fast or faster.  We don't NEED to be "connected" to our iphone every hour of the day and night.  Corded landlines provide wonderful non-lethal phone connections. Above all, children should not be allowed to play with electronic phones and gadgets throughout the day.  Their developing bodies and thin skulls make them even more susceptible to this toxic radiation than the rest of us.  It sometimes takes ten to fifteen years for these cancers to develop and the epidemic of deaths (truly an Electronic Black Plague) is just now beginning. 
Jenny Miller

Meter maladies
Locals decry health risks they associate with PG&E ‘smart meters’ 
By Evan Tuchinsky 

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