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Cordless Phones and EHS

Cordless Phones and EHS 

I’m not sure of the proper protocol for sharing, but your articles have been so helpful. I just wanted to add the knowledge of cordless phone measures that I’ve made personally, with a Gigahertz Solutions HF 38B.

This information is very critical to me.  My sensitivities cause me to have neurological effects whenever in the businesses or homes of friends and families with a cordless phone.  I was ecstatic to hear this summer that the Gigaset line was available in the U.S. and jumped to purchase multiple sets, so that I could give them to family and friends!  The customer feedback comments alerted me to a possible problem…and that the imported version to the U.S. was NOT equivalent to the one available in Germany (something about different U.S. frequency regulations).  When I received my 6 sets, I just unpacked one carefully and set up a clear testing room with multiple careful measures.  My results are below in the table (and attached in an Excel spreadsheet).  Although ‘better’ than some others, I was greatly disappointed at the mismatch between the marketing blurb and the actual measures.  What happens to people who don’t have a meter in their back pocket or a IBE/Bau consultant nearby?!  As Dr Weed shared so well…pulling the plug on these things is the best one can do.

Perhaps John Lincoln measured either a German set or one of the initial imports that apparently was later blocked from being imported…if so, what a gem he has!  The Gigaset phones available now are far too active, at least for me.

I hadn’t heard about the 900MHz sets that Larry Gust suggested.  Perhaps with his extensive expertise, he could add his 2-cents about the impact of these lower frequencies.  Any comments/issues to educate us?  

Deepest Gratitude!
Shirley Joy Jackson
North Palm Beach, FL
Energy Medicine Practitioner, E-Sensitive,
Co-Protester on the Martin Petition to the Florida Public Service Commission re: Smart Meters

Finer Scale     *Readings:   uW/m2
Grosser scale   *Readings:   mW/m2

COMPARISON PHONE #1: Sony (used/old) corded phone without digital read out.

Room reading, regular corded phone on cradle, no cordless phone.  Windows have Day-Lite Shielding cloth over the openings.

Regular corded phone with call received and answered.  (No RF!)

COMPARISON PHONE #2: Gigaset A 510A-2B (set up in Eco-mode as directed in instruction manual!)
peaked past  >200
.24 (=240 uW)
Cordless base plugged in  with handset in cradle (supposed Eco-mode with an "80% reduction in transmission").  When handset removed from base, auditory pulsing frequency and loudness increases substantially, with approx same measure levels shown.  
peaked past  >200
.5 to .8           (=500 to 800 uW)
Cordless receives a call, handset picked up and call answered.
peaked past  >200
.24 to .57      (=240 to 570 uW)
2nd Handset in cradle placed two rooms away (still at .24-ish after spiking up to .40s)  then 2nd handset is lifted off the cradle, peaks and stays in .5-.57 range.  This 2nd handset off cradle would be the situation if a second phone was left on a table or nightstand and not returned to the cradle.   Measure was not made adjacent to sencond phone.
peaked past  >200
.30 to .40      (=300 to 400 uW)
Phone call made to phone, 2nd handset lifted to answer call.

COMPARISON PHONE #3: Approximately ten-year old cordless (Vtech 5.8 GHz Digital Spread Spectrum)  Set up in the shielded room.

Phone set up in cradle of base.  NOTE: This meter ONLY measures frequencies between .8-2.4 GHz.  That means, IF this phone is transmitting above 2.4 (up to 5.8 as the name indicates) or below .8 GHz, then the meter will NOT be able to measure the additional frequencies.  So 2.1 is the intensity of those measurable frequencies.
peaked past  >200
1.47-2.44;   (=1470-2440 uW)
Phone receives call; then is answered, measure near handset.
peaked past  >200
greater that 6.0 (over 6000 uW)
OTHER COMPARISONS:  Two different Panasonic Cordless phones. Measured at two other sites.  No clearance of other RF.  Both gave these measures - didn't bother to have a phone call come through because of how high they were just sitting there.
Readings made with a  Gigahertz Solutions HF 38B Analyzer

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