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Commercial building in San Diego first in US to use Cuprotect shielding against cell tower emissions

Commercial building in San Diego first in US to use Cuprotect shielding against cell tower emissions

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Cell Tower Shielding Project in San Diego 

EMF&RF Solutions was instrumental in the completion of the first commercial Cuprotect® RF shielding project in the United States. Cuprotect® is a patented German copper wire mesh RF shielding system for buildings that is now available in the US. 

The owner of a commercial building was concerned about the RF exposure to his tenants. A cell tower is located on top of the roof and the old roof was in need of replacement. After weighing the different shielding options presented, the building owner selected the Cuprotect® system based on feasibility, effectiveness and cost. 

The Cuprotect® CEO, Wolfgang Kessel, and the US distributor, Gawain Bantle, traveled to San Diego to oversee the installation and to provide training for the staff of Premier Roofing. Sprint, the cellular service provider, cooperated in the effort and lifted the antenna tower off the roof so that the shielding material could be installed underneath it. Premier Roofing, in conjunction with Cuprotect® and EMFRF staff, successfully completed the installation.  
Click on the link to view a slide presentation showing the project phases and installation details. Click on this Link

For questions on the applicability of the Cuprotect® system for you project, please contact us at 760-942-9400 or  

Testing of RF Shielding Bed Canopy

A large number of EMF and RF shielding products have entered the consumer market. But, do they work? Is the reduction what the data sheets promises? This is what we want to determine. We have co  mpleted the first testing in a series of a real-life application. We evaluated the RF shielding efficiency of a bed canopy in a residential building. To see the results, click on this link and review our 3-page report. Link to Report
We will continue on with these tests using other products but we need your help! If you have a shielding project coming up where we can perform measurements before and after installation using top-of-the-line equipment, please contact us either by phone at 760-942-9400 or send me an email at 

What Does EMF&RF Solution Do? 
Our mission is to provide low EMF and RF environments. We inspect, test, measure, assess, shield and develop reduction methods for electromagnetic fields since 1986. To better address the needs of our customers and provide useful information, we at ET&T, have created the EMF consulting division, EMF & RF Solutions, with its own website and newsletter. Please visit our new dedicated website at and let us know how we can improve our services.

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